Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

Ok so I am no trained chef, in fact I am pretty darn good at burning almost anything on the stove. One thing I can cook pretty well is ground turkey. It’s as versatile as beef, but less calories. (We all already know this.) Anyways so here’s my recipe and instructions on making shepherd’s pie.

Prep time: 5 minutes or less, just need to grab on hand items. Longer prep time if you choose to use fresh veggies that you have to chop over frozen ones.

Cook time: 15 minutes

Bake time: 1 hour

It sounds like a long time, but this can be made ahead of time. Then put in the oven to bake when you are ready to enjoy appetizers or wine or while doing homework. Whatever!

1lb ground meat (I obviously prefer turkey, but beef or whatever else you have on hand is fine too)

1 pack of frozen/ fresh veggies, or more or less whatever you have on hand will suffice. *If they are fresh, chop them to whatever size your kids will either not notice them or eat them with out pretending they are horrible.

2 packages of instant potatoes, you could also use fresh mashed potatoes or even scalloped, I have even seen it done where someone used tator tots. Yummy ideas for kids!

Amount of water/milk/butter the package of potatoes calls for. Mine calls for only water, but remember the others come with extra calories.

Ketchup, about 1/2 cup.

Worcestershire sauce, about 1/4 or less of a cup.

Tabasco, just a few dashes



Any seasonings you have on hand. I used:
Garlic salt
Onion powder

Step 1: brown the turkey, and add seasonings.


Step 2: make mashed potato mixture for microwave.



Step 3: strain turkey


Step 4: add turkey and veg to pot. Also add ketchup, worshestershire (I used A1), and Tabasco. basically add a thin layer or ketchup to evenly cover the top, 1/2 as much A1, and a few dashes of Tabasco. Then mix together


Step 5: let simmer for 15 minutes covered.


Step 6: line casserole dish with tin foil then layer pie mixture evenly on top of tin foil, then spread potato mixture on top of that. (if pie mix is runny re-strain before layering)

Tin foil

Pie mix

All done!

Option to add shredded or sliced cheese. If not, make sure the you put little indentations in the potatoes, when you bake it then they become crispy!

Bake at 375 for an hour and enjoy!

I usually make this in the morning the same time as lunches. It doesn’t need much stirring, so it simmers while lunches are being made. Then I cover with tin foil and put in fridge until an hour before dinner time. *I bake with no tin foil on top.



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