We just got charged for our wine club shipment last week for Michael David Winery in Lodi. So we decided to head there today, to pick up our wine shipment and have lunch. On the way we saw lots of these…


After an hour of driving, we got to Michael David Winery.


We became wine club members about 7 years ago. We ran across this winery after seeing their wines in Michael Goddard’s art. 7 deadly zins or 7heavenly chards. Today I admired the incognito painting.

Michael David also has a fruit stand of sorts.


We also did some wine tasting…tasting doesn’t count as drinking 🙂


I guess this is a special reserve. It normally costs like $10 to taste, however the winemaker had a special tasting party last night so we got to taste for free! Total score!

We were going to eat lunch there, but they NOW they don’t serve lunch until 11:30…we were 20 minutes early and they would not make an exception (instant karma for getting the free wine tasting?)

So we headed to a burger stand.


I had a mushroom burger and we split some fries…


I know super greasy and bad for you…but once in a blue moon is ok. I think the last time I had a burger was like 3, maybe 4 months ago. Dinner is going to be super light to try and balance things out.

What’s your favorite day trip spot?

How often do you eat burgers/greasy-bad-for-ya-food?



13 thoughts on “Daytrippin’

  1. savor the sweet life says:

    I’ve always wanted to try a wine of the month club…it seems like such a great way to learn about wine. Looks like you had a great time! I am having greasy food tomorrow…we are going out with a group of friends to work on our beer tour and I am so excited, hahaha macaroni and cheese bites here I come! 😛

  2. Lipstick6 says:

    Great blog! Checking it out since I saw you liked something on mine. I must say, you really seem to know how to balance work and fun! Losing weight is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. 🙂 Go you!

    Also, I LOVE wine and beer, especially good ones, but can also appreciate a nice five dollar bottle when budget requires. I saw a fun documentary that John Cleese did on wine, and he has some fun opinions on what makes a good wine good. (Hint: he says it’s all about what you like! I like that mentality. lol). I don’t remember the name of it though but perhaps you’ve seen it. We used to live in Washington state, where wineries were abundant. Now that we are in Georgia, however, it’s a bit harder to find, especially where the smaller family owned and operated companies are concerned.


  3. kahyehm says:

    This is life 🙂 free wine tasting!

    everytime I see wendy’s and has P300 (about $8)+commute money on my wallet I eat burger. Hahaha! (that’s what accounted for the extra fat i’ve been carrying since dec) lol!

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