Oranges and tennis balls

We finally got around to checking on the orange tree today, tastes like this bad boys are finally ready! Did you know that oranges do not ripen after they are picked? They only ripen on the tree.


Here’s how much I ended up with…


One of the perks of buying this house were the fully grown citrus trees. We also have a lemon tree…however it is past it’s season. I picked the last few lemons today.


Hubs was playing ball with klairesy while I picked oranges.


She’s kind of obsessed with tennis balls. Here she is trying to get one that fell into the pool.


She eventually jumped in.


She’s actually pretty darn obedient.

Now I need to go look up some recipes for oranges…

Do you know of any amazing recipes that include fresh oranges??

Otherwise, I fear, it will result in nothing but screwdrivers….



10 thoughts on “Oranges and tennis balls

  1. ttrodriguez says:

    Oh my gosh you have so many oranges! As I was reading this I was thinking you could add them to sangria then I read what you said about the screwdrivers. I guess my mind is in the same place as yours =) I don’t really have any other ideas… Sorry! Well maybe mimosas… =P

  2. mathewharkins says:

    This made me both hungry and jealous. I used to live in a house with some very productive lemon trees, next to a neighbor with orange and pomegranate trees, so we learned to make quick/good work of our fruits. Limoncello and lemon curd are more common than orangecello and orange curd, but the orange versions are still delicious and pretty easy to make.

    And never discount how happy people can be when a bag of fresh fruit is delivered as a gift or brought into an office.

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