Lucky me…

After I finished my 3 mile run, hubs had this waiting for me…


An egg, and some turkey sausage. He tells me, “I thought you could use a ‘real’ breakfast after your run.” you’re cute babe. And I love ya!

Of course this meant I had to skip the tricep, shoulder and whatever video also on the agenda. Which I’m ok with. Tomorrow is all about laundry and I’ll to 2 p90x vids.

Slight sabotage? Or thoughtful? Either way, I’ll take it! Hubs makes the best eggs! Still love him!

What did you have for breakfast today?

Did you get your run in?



9 thoughts on “Lucky me…

  1. carrieontherun says:

    That’s a great morning if you ask me!

    Breakfast daily for me and mine is a slice of canadian bacon with 2 scrambled eggs and coffee.

    I’m super excited for next week, after day light savings it’ll be light enough for me to brave the morning with a run…. then come home to make my own breakfast and be jealous of you 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Yay for morning running! And todays breakfast was definitely a surprise…normally I make my own. And it almost never involves the stove since I tend to burn just about everything.

  2. Two Moms says:

    I never get my run in until around lunch time so breakfast is usually my lunch if I do eat it. LOL That is so sweet of hubby and he probably didnt know you were not finished with your workouts for the day. 🙂 Very thoughtful if you ask me.

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