Let’s start Monday off right!

Today’s agenda included:

Core Synergistics

3 mile run

What I actually did:

Core Synergistics

3.02 mile run at 10:23 pace

I felt good this morning. My dogs were going crazy beginning around 5 am. Totally yuck! After 35 minutes of continuous barking I decided to wake up and let them out.

So annoying.

I know they didn’t need to go out since they normally don’t wake up until 7. So since I was up and finished making lunches and coffee by 6, I guess it was time to work out.

Hello week 5 of p90x! I decided today to really tackle core synergistics, it’s like the 5th time that I have done this video. I really focused on my core and thought about each exercise and put my all into it. I even did the bonus part at the end. It felt really good. I think that easy week last week really helped elevate today’s work out.

After hubs took Carlo to school, I headed out for my run. I brought Vin with me. I think I passed about 5 different people with dogs. What part of “my dog isn’t friendly” and I’M RUNNING means I want to stop and let our dogs sniff each other’s asses? They were on both sides of the road. I couldn’t avoid them.

I guess it’s Monday and everyone wants to start the week off right.

Whatever it’s done

Post run I had my usual


And today I used a different kind of butter…


Do your week start on Monday or Sunday?

What’s on your work out agenda today?


Check back for friend makin’ Monday, I’ll be posting in about an hour.


6 thoughts on “Let’s start Monday off right!

  1. sarahjeadie says:

    I love this post. My workout routine alwatys starts Sunday as it’s Sunday Runday! I follow the P90X lean schedule.I am on week 7. I did Core Synergetics this morning as well and I allowed myself to push myself harder. I love running so I normally allow myself to run 4 days per week but would like to step it up. I sometimes take my dog out for a run and it really affects my pace when someone stops me to pet her. Happy Monday 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Sounds like we are on the same page! I run 4 days a week too! However it is enough until after p90X. I’ll wait until I’m in week 7 to think about running more than that. Kudos on getting your work out done this morning!

  2. Jim Brennan says:

    Hi Tif, I read in your About link that you would one day like to run Boston. I’m not the most disciplined person in the world, but the three things that helped me most to qualify in 2005 were dropping weight, hill work (make the hills your friend) and farteks (which are less structured than regimented speed workouts). Good luck, and don’t worry about not being a fast runner. Then important thing is to keep moving. Congrats!

  3. peoriafitnessgirl says:

    My week starts on Monday. If i do not run on Monday the rest of the week sucks for me! I was not feeling that great but I made it to the gym. The rest of my friends did not make it and I had things to do so I just ran no weights. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be good so I am going to try and get my long run in. 12 miles! Good job today!

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