Random stuff

First off I wanna give a HUGE shout out to all the runners racing in the Napa Valley Marathon! Kudos and Cheers! I was cheering for you from my bed this morning, then from the Napa Petco after 12:15 (probably after you finished). However I intend on giving anyone with a medal around their neck a high 5 if they come into Petco today. Pure awesomeness!

Did you know that the Napa Valley Marathon is one of the top ten destination marathons in the world?? Right up there with the great wall! Very cool! And to think I have lived here (or close to it) for 28 years and never raced in it. Definitely on my radar for next year!

Second bit of randomness…I have been looking at my potential races coming up in May. Originally I was going to do the Bay to Breakers. I was even going to put out a sort of “hey wanna run it with me” post for all the local bloggers out there. Then my crazy crossfit cousin convinced me to do this mudder all the way in San Jose. (like a 2 1/2 hour drive one way) they fall on the same weekend. Sure I could do one on Saturday and one on sunday, that definitely crossed my mind. The other option is to skip them both and have a bargaining chip with the hubs.

He’s kinda out of the loop when it comes to my plans. I just kinda sign up for a race here and there. I say “well this person wants me to run it with them”. However I have run out of friends to run with me for half marathons. This is not good for my strategy of signing up for races. So I’ll have to come clean, try to convince my hubs the extra medals are amazing and I want them! (I will earn extra medals or other garb for finishing series of races, like the tour de fit, or the nor cal half marathon series).

Also there’s a dog show that hubs is judging at in May, and Ihave to should attend. It’s the weekend after the 2 potential events in question. I probably won’t be able to get both weekends off. And I could totally just be selfish and do what I want and do both the races and skip the dog event. Then I would look like a selfish spoiled bitch! (excuse my French). Plus the dog events are something my hubs and I have had a passion for for awhile. So the final decision….

Skip both races in may and come clean to the hubs and hope he understands. He’s normally very supportive, it’s just I kicked up the amount of races and it’s time consuming and expensive etc etc etc.

Third bit of randomness my hair is getting out of control! I am in desperate need of a haircut!


Ridiculously high “poof ball” up front. And now I have to resort to a bun in the back since it looks all disheveled when I wear it down.


It’s only been 5 6 months since met last hair cut. Why does it take so long to make “me time”.

I will be calling my hairdresser tomorrow and scheduling an appointment for march 31, I have requested that day off anyways so I can hopefully kill 2 birds with one stone!

Have you had to make race compromises?

Do you ever put off cutting your hair?



2 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. catslondonmarathon says:

    My hair needs cutting too, but I’m putting it off until after the London Marathon on April 22nd as I need to be able to tie it all back and keep it out of my face, which it won’t if I have it cut. Looks untidy, but needs must. Running comes first these days 😉
    Great blog by the way. Napa is lovely, we spent a few days there on holiday last year. You’re very lucky to live there. Maybe we’ll visit for the Napa Marathon one day. It sounds like a great day and a wonderful place to run. Very pretty!
    Cat xx

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