Restaurant Review: Casa in Oxbow Market

Casa at Oxbow Market is a really unique Mexican inspired restaurant of sorts. It’s in this huge warehouse building in Napa right next to Copia (another Napa experience Robert mondavi built). We weren’t sure where to go. There are a dozen or more restaurants in this one place alone.



Here’s a blurry shot of the inside. It’s very eclectic. They had an oyster bar, Venezuelan food, pizza, cheese bar, a full market, coffee stand, ice cream stand and a chocolate stand. There were more, but I can’t remember all of them.

We chose Casa to try. We were thinking of sampling a few places, but when we saw the tacos from this place we were sold!


I got duck and crab, they did not disappoint!


They were a little hard to eat, they were huge tacos!


I knew I wanted either chocolate or ice cream for dessert, so I went with ice cream!


The ice cream was organic and all natural blah blah blah. I got pistachio, it was sooooo good!


Next stop was this amazing looking coffee place.


We were low on coffee, so we picked up a pound of it. It wasn’t cheap, about 15.95/pound. But every once in awhile it’s good to splurge on the simple things. Here’s the one we picked.


Overall I would rate oxbow 10 out of 10. Amazing place with so many amazing foods. I would rate Casa 9 out of 10. Tacos didn’t come cheap, about 8 bucks a pop. It was semi worth it. Probably won’t eat there again. But I would say this is a must see for anyone traveling to Napa.

Next time I want to try the Italian place at oxbow.



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