So far…

I got home at 3, ran 3.8 miles in 38 minutes. What!? Hells yes I did with a hill and a dog that didn’t feel like running. I didn’t feel particularly fast today, I just felt like I could do it.

And that’s all that I have done so far, Kenpo will be for after dinner and some laundry. I need to chillax for awhile. Also I found some really awful pictures of me a few months before I tried to lose weight almost 4 years ago!

This picture may scar your eyes if you look directly at it


Oh the horror! I totally look like I have a fat face costume on. It’s so surreal!

What do you think of yourself in old photographs? Do you ever dare to look?



9 thoughts on “So far…

  1. lovelylici1986 says:

    Sweet run! Good for you!
    Old pictures? I’m pretty much okay with all of my pictures. They’re not all gorgeous, but that’s fine. Some of them remind me of other times in life, show me how much I’ve grown, make me laugh out loud, etc. Reminds me that life is a process.
    Look at where you’ve come from! Be proud. 🙂

  2. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    Wow! You were flying. Nice job.

    I try to avoid old pictures. Every time I accidently scroll through the “before” pics on my phone that I took before starting P90X, I puke a little in my mouth. Still have a ways to go, but I am getting there. (BTW, one good thing about P90X2 — no Kenpo!!)

  3. Lav Chintapalli says:

    It is so hard to imagine that the above picture is really you based on the ‘now’ picture! What an inspiration you are!!!

    And thank you for the ‘like’!

  4. Caroline Calcote says:

    I’m okay with my old “fat” pictures. Like I read somewhere before, you have to give that girl credit. She is the one who took the first steps to get you where you are today. And the starting is always the hardest part. I was really large throughout both my children’s babyhood, so when I look at those photos of me with them, I just have to love them. That was my children’s mother when they were babies! They loved her and I love her.

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