Hello March!

I always get to march and start freaking out a little. I mean, where the hell did January and February go?? Oh and now it’s 17 days til’ the 1/2 marathon. Ok I’m over the shock of 1/6 of the year being gone.

Today’s agenda includes:

Run 3

X stretch

Weigh in

What I actually did:

Weigh in-lost 3 pounds since last Thursday. Feeling pretty amazing about that.

X stretch with the hubs. Yep it’s his day off too.

I decided to skip the run because I felt a slight twinge in my foot as I was walking around barefoot. I figured I need a rest day from running.

We started with breakfast at Bab’s. I got oatmeal and doctored it up with some peanut butter. It also had bananas, apples, cranberries, and pistachios in it.


We then headed to Target and I bought a pair of black pants for work. They changed the dress code where I can only wear blue or black pants. They didn’t have any 14’s on the clearance rack, so I opted to try and squeeze into 12’s and see what happens. Guess what? They fit! Holy crap, talk about vanity sizing!


I also picked up a cute new shirt for the concert tonight.


Here’s the new pants and my new shirt.

We also picked up Season 2 of Archer.


We are trying to catch up, since we didn’t catch them in the first run. We are in love with this show. My favorite character has to be Lana or Cheryl/Carol/Cristal lmao.

We have tickets to see George Thorogood tonight. We are excited!


Have you watched Archer? Who’s your favorite character?



15 thoughts on “Hello March!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Archer is this hilariously funny cartoon about a dude named “archer” he works for his mother as a secret agent. He is a chauvinist who loves to drink like a fish and sleep with everyone. It’s just oober funny, never a dull moment.

  1. michaelrupured says:

    I can’t stay up late enough to watch Archer! Have heard from others how funny it is. Guess we’ll have to rent it. Good luck with your half marathon. I’m maybe possibly kinda almost ready to perhaps sign up for a ten K. Maybe.

  2. MedalSlut says:

    Oh my god, I LOVE Archer. But probably because I’m a total narcissist. And the friend that introduced me to Archer in the first place hooked me by saying ‘I found a cartoon that would SO be you, if you were a guy.’

  3. elizabethruns says:

    So much for Archer—I am blown away by your transformation! You look amazing! I have been kicking my own butt for a long time and understand what it takes. You are rockin’ it! Congratulations. I wish you success in your half. I signed up for one in May. I am currently hobbling around with plantar fasciitis. I usually run about 50 miles each week. Had cut that in half, but promised my physical therapist I would take a week off…think of me cross-training, doing P90X right alongside you! Only my foot will be taped up, waiting for someone to pay the ransom… ;(

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Thanks for the kudos! I am really looking forward to this half, I haven’t had training go so smoothly. Or rather, I haven’t stuck to a strict training schedule so well in the past. I am hoping it shows when I get out there. Good luck on your half in May. Plantar fascitis? Doesn’t sound good, I hope your cross training goes well with no one to kill from you not running.

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