Meatless Monday spotlight meal!

I try to go vegetarian as often as I can. I almost always eat meatless breakfasts, but have been pretty closed minded about devoting a day to it. So I think I need to open my mind, and why not start this week? I saw a great recipe for a version of grilled cheese with a fried egg and avocado. It looked amazing, so I had to try it. Please forgive the fact that I burned the bread, it still tasted delicious!


Besides burning bread in my kitchen I also did some yoga x today. (Im getting over the fact that the video is over 90 minutes long.) Since its week 4 of the p90x journey its a rest week! It’s just all about yoga, stretching and cardio. So I think I’ll do the cardio and the other yoga, but I may skip some of the other vids. Not sure yet. I’m also going to take it a little easier on the runs. Looking forward to another amazing week!

How often do you go meatless?

What was the last recipe you tried?



8 thoughts on “Meatless Monday spotlight meal!

  1. cumbiedays says:

    So I saw that you are doing P90X too! Don’t skip the videos on rest week. I promise, I’m halfway through with the program and I know it gets daunting, but you will be glad that you did all of rest week when you hit phase 2! Promise! Also we (my husband and I) are switching the Yoga video for the Stretch video. I would try that, it’s an hour and it’s so much better than trying to fight your body for 90 minutes doing advanced yoga…unless you do do yoga and are advanced. Keep it up! Remember, “Do your Best and FORGET the REST!!” lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Heather says:

    Hmm…I wonder if adding tomato to this would be good? I love grilled cheese and tomato, but I’m not sure if adding the avocado and egg would be too much with the ‘mater.

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