Sunday Eats!

Happy Sunday! I’m having a pretty awesome morning. I finally watched 50/50. I cried a little, but overall cute movie. And I am all caught up with my OC girls on Real Housewives. I had a 5:30 wake up call, so I had a little time on my hands. Hence all the tv watching.

Breakfast was my fave, with the new white chocolate peanut butter. Greek yogurt, kashi go lean crunch and banana slices.


I love that Brass thinks he’s getting some. Ok I let him lick the bowl…he loved it!

Snack before work and lunch is cuties


I probably will only eat 2-3, but I don’t like to be unprepared.

Lunch will be at 12 and it’s a combo leftover from yesterday. 1/2 chipotle burrito bowl. Brown rice, black beans, chicken, fajita style with a little cheese and guac. And leftovers from dinner. Sea bass, potato and asparagus. Yum!


I’ll get to break for my 10 around 2, and I’ll have hummus and celery


Today’s a weird schedule since the openers leave at 1:45, so I will probably have dinner around 5:30. I hope! It’s going to be spicy black bean burger patty, quinoa, and green beans.


Last snack will be at 7:30 and will be an apple, and maybe a cutie if there’s one left.


Also I packed a combo trail mix, dark chocolate, and apple chip mix to snack on throughout the day. I might just eat it all after my dinner, depends on how hungry I am


And as always Sunday is my rest day, so no exercise for me! At first this freaked me out, but now that I’m taking a full day off I find that I recover from my long run better. Funny how that works!

What’s on your plates today? Food or otherwise?



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