Restaurant Review: Prima

Prima is a restaurant nestled in busy Walnut Creek. They also have an amazing selection of wines at their wine shop next door. This place is pretty pricey, and the portions weren’t huge. Which was actually refreshing! I don’t usually finish everything on my plate anyways. I will take quality over quantity any day!

We started off at the bar, we are always 30 minutes ahead of schedule. (I thought we would have time to hit the Lululemon store and raid their clearance racks, but parking was a no go! Boo! ) So hubs got a martini to start off with and I got a club soda with a twist of lime.


Honestly it wasn’t easy to turn down the opportunity to drink, I mean it’s so delicious! And we are out on the town. How often does that happen? But I stuck to my guns and enjoyed my club soda.

Once we were all ready we headed over to our table and enjoyed some appetizers, polenta with mushrooms and a piazzita thing which was a thin crusted pizza with prosciutto. It was delicious!


My salad was really the show stopper! Beet salad, it had all kinds of greens and this super tasty grain on it an it was cooked perfectly! Plus some delicious goat cheese, and just a hint of lime and seriously I could have had 2!


I ordered the sea bass as my entree, and actually it was delicious. Kind of crusty and cooked perfectly. It also had artichokes, asparagus and some kind of green sprigs on it. ( I watch top chef, and they say you’re supposed to eat all ingredients on your plate) I at least tried them. Anyways it was very good, however too much oil. I’m so used to preparing all of my food myself I forgot to ask for no or very little oil.


Overall I would rate this restaurant about an 8.5 out of 10. Simply because it was super pricey. Probably about 60-75 dollars per head and we didn’t order any drinks. I probably won’t go back simply because of that, but was glad to spend some good times with great company.



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