Operation: Avoid Hills!

Today I decided that I would run a different route to try and avoid some hills. I can’t avoid all of them, but I don’t mind the measly hill, but I hate the monster ones that take 6-8 minutes for me to run up. I ended up doing a down and back, which equaled 4 miles, and then did the same down and back again, so I’m up to 8. So I had to do the measly hill 4 times by now. Then I did the loop, which is only 2.89 miles which was enough. And i had to do the measly hill again! This time i saw another jogger pass me on the opposite side of the road. I turned on my turbo boost and still couldn’t catch up to him. I kept thinking “am i running slower??” He was definitely older than be probably by about 20 years or so and he was speedy! Wow so you cant judge a book by its cover! In the end my mileage was around 11, but the walking put it over so it equals 11, and I’m ok with that. My pace was right at 10:34 min/mile for the entire time! What? Hells yes it was! I couldn’t believe I was running that fast. I didn’t check my time until after i had finished running so i was in complete shock. I was hoping for under 11, but wow.

I have said this before, I have never tried to push myself with running. So my time has always been around 12 ish. This won’t be the case again. I keep thinking i am capable of more. I shock myself when i prove myself right. I think running is the perfect test for this. So many things to measure. From how long you can run, to how fast and all these tiny details. I am really looking forward to this “lucky run” half Mary coming up in 3 weeks. Eek! I have a goal, and I’m trying to just work hard and focus. I still have 3 weeks of training left. I seriously think this p90x is helping with the cross training. It’s just pushing my fitness to a whole new level.

After my long run I had to do some grocery shopping. This included heading to Costco for the meat and other longer shelf life items. Then to target for other fresher items. I also picked up some fancy shmancy peanut butter that has white chocolate in it! It was marked down to 3 something so I had to grab it!


Laundry is almost done, and I got a nap in! Lucky me! Oh and I finally got to try one of these drinks i picked up from whole foods the other day.

I had seen other bloggers say how amazing it is. I honestly would just rather juice stuff myself. There is something in it that has a subtle carbonation. And this weird gingery after taste. I would give it like a 4 out of 10 on taste scale. Plus I had to wait until my day off to try it since the labeling says it contained alcohol! Wtf!? Boo! It’s only .5%, but still!

Later we have plans to meet some friends for dinner in walnut creek. Looking forward to it!

Have you ever shocked yourself with your running/fitness level?

Have you ever tried that peanut butter or the synergy drinks, what did you think?



4 thoughts on “Operation: Avoid Hills!

  1. Henry Runs says:

    Isn’t it great when you have been running for a while and then all of a sudden, you run a pace that blows your mind? Nice work! The white chocolate peanut butter looks awesome!

  2. RunningToTahiti says:

    My brother used to work at Peanut Butter & Co. in New York. It’s actually a restaurant where everything on the menu is peanut butter related. They bottle their peanut butter creations and you used to only be able to get it in the store. Nice to know it’s nationwide now. The white chocolate one was always my favorite 🙂

    I love Kombucha! You definitely have to like vinegar-y type flavors because it’s got a little kick like that. It’s fermented a bit so that’s why it has a very low alcohol level. It’s so good for you though. Mmm. I want some right now 🙂 I drink it all the time before I work out. Sometimes I think it helps loosen me up a bit!

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