Ok so the day has come, I have signed up for twitter. I know I am behind the times. I was ok with that for a long time. I got a question yesterday about if I had a twitter account, and I have been thinking about it for awhile. So the day is here! And I am still trying to figure this thing out. I feel old!

At this point I have no followers because I’m lame so new
So add me? Or is it follow me? I’m down with facebook, not twitter. Which reminds me I need to create one for for Facebook, but back to my new shiny twitter account.


Is that how it goes? I need lots of help with this. What are the best hash tags for running and yoga or fitness?

Any tips you happy bloggers can give me would be awesome.



10 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Rebecca says:

    I have a general personal Twitter account, @rebsigl, and a different account specifically for my blog, @runningtotahiti. I have WordPress linked to my @runningtotahiti account so anytime I post, it automatically posts on that Twitter account. That’s definitely something you should do. Twitter is a bit difficult to explain. I didn’t get it at first either and no one really succeeded at explaining it to me. The only way I got how it worked was to keep using it, then it becomes really clear. So that’s my advice. Just spend some time trolling around the Twitter-sphere and it will all start to make sense. Oh, just one tip. I almost always post at least one or more of these hash tags when talking about my blog: #running #blogging #amwriting. Hope that helps!

  2. cronesk says:

    All of the above and be careful of those porn spammers! I spent a few days deleting some ‘followers’. What are the best has tags for #yoga, #fitness….get the idea?

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