Wacky Workout Wednesday

Today was just cruel.

First off I got off work around 7:30 last night, and home by 8. This is actually pretty nice, except for the fact that I have to be in bed by 9 so that I can be up and at em’ at 4 am. Yep that’s when my morning starts on Wednesday’s. No rest for the weak, right? Oh and did I mention that I worked about 12 pallets of 30-40lb bags of product during my shift last night? So ya I would say at least 4 hours of hurling bags around makes for such a fun and sore morning after.

My normal wake up call is at 7, I feel groggy at 7, but it’s doable. If it hits 7:15 I am done and ready to get my day going. So as you can see, 4 is not in my normal realm of rising. 4 am comes really fast. However 4 is actually sleeping in on a regular load day. (which is what today is) Hello load! It comes once a week, at the awesome hour of 4. And sometimes, like today, it comes at 5. I still think 4 is just a crazy hour to wake up. I don’t think it’s crazy after I am done working at 1:45! Ya buddy, the shift is over and done with before 2 pm! Plus adrenaline is hopping since I have worked another 6-8 pallets of 30-40 pounders of food with my crew (which is way more fun than by myself like yesterday) We laugh we joke, work hard, and of course talk all kinds of smack on eachother and “the new girl”. Good times!

Ok so work is done and I am feeling pumped to get home and get cracking on some heavy duty working out!


3 mile run

Cardio X

(I know Cardio X is a little redundant right after a run, but my arms were seriously dead after 2 days of throwing 30-40 pounders in a row, plus it starts with some yoga which I totally needed)

Actual work out

3 mile run in 31 minutes around a 10 something pace with Vin and Klaire, who both seemed to have a need to mark every damn bush and chase after anything that was moving including random leaves. So fun! Not!

Cardio X, it was awesome, I really liked it. Especially when it was all done.

Ab Ripper X, I haven’t done this video since week one and I found that today i could do every single exercise and all 25 on about 8 out of the 11 exercises. I just felt very energized during and after this work out. It’s like it was what I needed.

I was done and showered by around 4:45, and that was my Wacky Workout Wednesday. So tired and don’t regret one minute. Now time to enjoy some well deserved burger tacos with the fam! It is exactly how they sound. Taco shells instead of buns.

Do you have any crazy days of the week where you try to squeeze it all in? What day?




7 thoughts on “Wacky Workout Wednesday

  1. Starsworth says:

    I did a hard workout yesterday morning too (don’t think I mentioned) and also felt unusually fatigued. Love that feeling if I can just relax with it. Anyway, thanks for tuning in to me — you and I actually live in the same general area it seems and I guess we both are running at around a 10 minute pace? Maybe bump into some time – take care.

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