Just about 5?

I am feeling like super mondo crappy craptastic shit today.The reason behind these wonderful feelings is the drinks I didn’t realize I drank last night. I seriously didn’t realize I finished off a bottle of wine after the 2 beers, but before the dirty martini. Let’s just put it this way. It’s super easy to think “I’ll just have one beer” which always results in 2. Then to have shepherd’s pie with no wine? And since I’m drinking wine, might as well help my husband smoke his delicious avo cigar. It was so smooth! It’s been over 2 months since I have even smoked a cigar. And I didn’t smoke that often when I did, maybe twice a month at the peak. Since I have really focused on running I just haven’t been smoking cigars. So waking up with dry mouth at 2:25 in the morning as well as having cigar breath was just so awesome!(I am meaning this to come across as super sarcastic) I really didn’t want to run or exercise or do anything at all. I have a headache and was dizzy and seriously the crappy feeling was just too much.

I was planning on

Running 5 miles

Shoulders and Arms

I actually ended up doing:

Run 4.86 miles in 51 minutes

and that’s it.

I am super glad I ran. I am sure I was oozing of alcohol during the whole run. Luckily my headache went away while I ran, and just felt amazing afterwards. Tomorrow is my crazy Wednesday, I have some super crazy plans to try to have a rest day before my long run on Saturday. I hope tomorrow goes to plan!

Also I think I am going to go dry (no drinking!) until atleast the 1/2 Mary on March 17. Then going to celebrate with champagne.

Hangover Tuesday’s suck

Have you ever tried running off a hangover?

What’s your Tuesday like?



11 thoughts on “Just about 5?

  1. Julian McGrath says:

    My quickest 10k race was with a hangover ! The alcohol must’ve given me that extra bit of energy πŸ™‚ . Although to be honest I think I just ran faster to get it over with. I did not feel good, so wouldn’t recommend it!!

  2. Happy Runner says:

    My runs after a hangover are sluggish, but all worth it. I usually feel much better after the run than before. Haven’t had a hungover for a while though. Not missing it. New healthy eating is doing me good. πŸ™‚

  3. afuntanilla says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! What half are you doing? Good job on getting out there today even though u were feeling crappy!

  4. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Tragically, some of my best races have been with a hangover. Usually because I couldn’t wait to get it freaking over with so I could obtain a little hair of the dog and set the world right. Of course, some of my worst workouts have been with a hangover because if I didn’t pay for it, why bother? I have a new rule: I drink after I run when the next day is a rest day. Try explaining that to the gang when they have a new keg on tap. πŸ˜‰

  5. Coley says:

    I run better on no sleep and/or hangovers…I think it expedites the liquor leaving your system.
    Happy Drinking(and running)

  6. Drink2that says:

    Sounds like a typical Saturday night in our house…followed by the dreaded hangover run Sunday morning. But the best thing about the hangover run is the hair of the dog Caesar afterwards!

  7. Caroline Calcote says:

    I have run with many a hangover. I sort of consider it penance and it usually does actually help clear some of the alcohol out of my system, I think. I mean, you have to sweat it out, right? Glad I checked out your blog! Looks like we have alot in common πŸ™‚

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