Beer Review: Widmer Brothers Falconer’s IPA

This brewery is based out of Portland, Or. I have heard amazing beers come from Portland. Side note: in fact I would like to join a “Beer of the Month Club” where all the beers come from Oregon.

On the bottle it says “Brewed in tribute, drank in celebration”. What’s more celebratory than shepherd’s pie? Or the fact that I even whipped up something that wasn’t microwaved? Dirty deets on the obsession with the microwave cooking another time.


I was definitely sending vibes to the hubs about bringing home a 6-pack of something. However I didn’t exactly voice this in words. I just thought about it, then thought, “I should probably drink less”. Then was thrilled when the whole “marriage ESP” thing actually worked! Do you ever get that too with your spouse?

I love this company, I have been sampling several of the. Beers at the Warrior’s games. I just hadn’t tried the Falconer’s IPA yet. I believe I tried #3 at the last Warrior’s game, and it was off the hook good!

The Falconer’s IPA is definitely delicious.


You know I love a beer with a hoppy aftertaste. This one has it! At 7.0% alcohol it’s a really nice blend of hops and a bit of zest. Ya I’m really digging that zest citrus taste. It’s definitely on the bitter side of IPA’s, but still very good for what it was.

Overall I would give them a 7.5 out of 10. Not as smooth as other IPA’s , but has a zest that is subtle and will have you going back for more. Awesome work Widmer Brothers!

Have you tried any amazing beers lately?



3 thoughts on “Beer Review: Widmer Brothers Falconer’s IPA

  1. cronesk says:

    The Stone Brewery Ruination, Arrogant Bastard Series ain’t bad.
    Old number 38 or Blue Star (dark and light)from Mendocino Brewery is okay too.

    Serious weight lifting happens when you lug that stuff to the car!

  2. maxineyvr says:

    Lot’s of great beers in the Pacific Northwest overall, and California too. My favourite was a Deschutes Mesmer IPA. If you ever get the chance too, try the Widmer Citra Blonde; great summer beer that goes well with Greek salad and BBQ’d chicken.

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