Lazy day off?

Today’s agenda included:

Core synergistics
Run 3 miles

I ended up doing:

Core synergistics
Run 3.35 miles

I love checking off things on my to do list! It is the best feeling to just do what needs to be done and be done! Today is a holiday. I, luckily, had the day off. I work in retail so there’s no set schedule or days off on weekends or holidays. It was nice not having to arrange for a day care or baby sitter situation.

Since hubs had to work early and be up at 6 instead of 7 that gave me an extra 30 minutes. (30 minutes after the alarm went off ha!) I got him his coffee and then started my workout. I decided to start with core synergistics, since Carlo was still asleep. This was week 3, so the third time doing this video. I really feel like I have the hang of it. I was “engaged” all the time. I actually did the plank to chaturanga run! Do you realize how hard that is? Holy Moses I totally did it! I just felt like I kept up with the peeps in the video and was a total BAMF! Ya buddy!

Next up was the run. By now Carlo was up so I told him to get dressed and asked him if he wanted to run 2 miles or bike 3? He opted for the bike. He pretty much was pissed the whole time. There are hills and he was just annoyed he had to work hard. By the end of the run I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do it at a 10:40 average pace. Tiff is awesome! Here’s a pic of the crazy train.


After the run I made my favorite breakfast.


Plain Chobani yogurt, peanut butter, kashi go lean crunch, and sliced bananas.

Since its my day off I thought I would dabble in attempting to make some quinoa. It went surprisingly well. It was my first time even trying it. I paired it with some salmon and green beans for lunch. It was, dare I say, perfection?

The only other thing I want to do today is to watch some trash tv, take a nap, and I’m making shepherd’s pie for dinner. But that’s much later post nap with brass and cy.


How was your holiday weekend?



8 thoughts on “Lazy day off?

  1. gabby.runs says:

    That sounds like a wonderful day! Oh and I just might have to steal your breakfast idea, that looks really yummy! šŸ™‚

    My weekend was nice and relaxing. Perfect rainy weekend to catch up on my own trashy tv shows and even bake a few recipes I’ve been dying to try!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I can not express to you how good that yogurt concoction looks! must try must try!! It seems like a healthy version of something you could get at cold stone! Definitely making that some time.

  3. mzsura says:

    That’s great you are doing p90x and running. Which p90x are you doing? Doubles? I am going through the p90x doubles but substituting the extra cardio x workout with bike rides. Good luck training!! It’s nice to read about others doing the program.

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