Yoga X Fail

The fans that were installed yesterday still needed to be wired correctly in order to work. This meant that hubs friends’ stopped by 5 minutes after I started legs and back. At first the video stopped at the 2 minute mark. So I had to switch off the breaker and try to fast forward and see if it was a speck of dust or something. I guess it was, since it started working. The peeps were working on the fans upstairs for about 15 minutes and that’s when they needed to shut off the power to the breaker. They couldn’t or didn’t want to figure out which goes to what so they just shut off all of them. This made for me to wait until it came on, and then I didn’t realize that they needed to do it like 8 more times. So I gave up the video and turned to the book and followed the rest of the exercises by the book that comes with p90x. This worked out since I have done this video before and knew the moves. I still need to get a pull up bar, but other than that I really felt that I worked the legs well.

Yoga X was next, but the worker bees were still there. I opted to go ahead and eat breakfast and do some laundry and watch some Teen Mom 2 I am totally a reality tv junkie and proud of it don’t judge me. And then some Jersey shore.

Pineapple Chobani, banana, and kashi go lean crunch cereal.

I had a lunch date with one of my very best friends at Panera. I ended up getting this.

Black bean soup, turkey on focaccia, and a baguette. I thought I said apple instead of baguette, but I ate it anyways. It was warm, went perfectly with the soup, and so delicious. She wanted to meet me to discuss running. We have been friends since our freshman year of high school…14 crazy years! She signed up for a “team in training” 1/2 marathon program. She hasn’t really done any running so it was fun discussing tips and tricks and assuring her that everyone starts at the beginning and it’s hard.

For dinner I made turkey meatloaf with peppers, spinach, and mushrooms. I hope it turns out.




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