Sunday Eats

Sunday is arguably my favorite day of the week. Hubs is off and I usually work 12:15-9 which is cool since we can spend the morning together. I bought eggs when I went shopping so we stayed in for breakfast. However I had the bright idea of cooking the breakfast. Normally hubs takes the reigns on the cooking parts. Here’s how it started…

I put the pot of delicious Peet’s coffee on to boil. Next pull some ingredients out of the fridge…


Honestly I had good intentions of making an omelette, but it turned into a scramble. I was pretty annoyed so I just topped them all with cheese and salsa and fed it to the fam. Carlo hated it because it had spinach in it…teenagers ::sigh:: hubs wanted an omelette so he was super disappointed and again disappointed when he found out I tried to cooked bacon.


I am really bad at cooking bacon. I can’t cook it properly. It annoys me so much, low heat, medium heat…I am really stubborn and like to figure stuff out on my own. However with the cooking of the bacon I think I am just going to have to admit defeat!

Stupid bacon…

This all happened whilst he showered so it could be ready when he was ready. Needless to say the bacon was burned and he didn’t think I cooked the spinach long enough and blah blah blah. At least the coffee was off the hook!

We had planned on going to some estate sales, here’s what we found


Lots of crapola. We ended the morning with these two treasures.

We like any art with dogs in it, and we chuckled when we saw it, so we had to have it. We didn’t even haggle when the man quoted us 2 bucks for it.


Can you guess what this little treasure is? I had no idea what it was when I saw it either. Turns out its a knife sharpener. Hubs said it was a steal for 5 bucks. I think he just wanted to buy something.

Here’s the eats for the rest of the day


Cuties before work.


Yogurt for lunch, keeping it light since I have an early dinner.


Cucumber and red pepper hummus for mid after snack.


Early dinner at 4, leftover meatloaf and extra veg.

Last snack of the day around 7:30 cheese and Fiji apple slices.

What kind of stuff do you look for when you go estate/yard/garage sale-ing?

How was your Sunday?



5 thoughts on “Sunday Eats

  1. ifuckinghaterunning says:

    you should try one of these for the cooking of the bacon:,1290378524,2/stock-photo-tenderloin-steak-with-bacon-on-grill-pan-65605510.jpg

    I recognize that this is really not the right image to demonstrate the super efficiency of one of these pans as a bacon cooking device, but you’ll have to take my word for it. My bacon cooking skills increased exponentially once I bought one.

  2. Blackfoot Running says:

    You’re a nutritional inspiration! My last blog post was actually all about how I don’t eat well! After my half-marathon next Sunday, I gotta go on sugar detox.

    I spent my Sunday doing a 10 mile race, beating my expected time, and then BBQ and shopping with friends! Happy happy.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Sounds like an amazing Sunday. Thanks for the nutritional inspiration comment 🙂 I really try and eat as clean as I can while still enjoying foods I like. It takes planning, and intuitive eating. Good luck on your 1/2 Mary and your sugar detox! Cheers!

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