Negative splits=Happy Tiffany

Today’s work out plan included:

Long Run, 10 miles

Yoga X

I have pretty much figured that when I schedule my long run days (fri or sat depending on if I have Carlo that weekend or not) I really shouldn’t schedule anything else on that same day. I need to just realize that I can do Yoga X and Legs and Back tomorrow and feel completely satisfied with that since I would then just be skipping Kenpo X. In other words, Kenpo X is just cardio, and what is running? Exactly, so really I am just swapping. I can handle the thought of swapping. It’s completely skipping something that makes me go all OCD and panicky.

The long run today was not easy. As I’ve explained before I have hills near my house, lots of hills. And the run is a down and back, so the hills I trek getting to the 1/2 point I will again have to trek to get back home. I pretty much run on a frontage road near a freeway. There are lots of businesses to buffer the noise and pollution between me and the freeway, but not many other options for routes. I guess I could drive someplace and map something out. it’s just not as fun as when you are running alone. And on my long run days I kinda just want to get it over with.

I was really excited to see my average go down by about 20 seconds. Last week I ran the same route minus one mile at 12:03 average and today, I ran at 11:41 average. And I know the last 2 miles I ran around 9 min/mile. I ran them faster because there were no hills. I am feeling really good about the Lucky Run half marathon and trying to decide if I just want to go for negative splits or some sort of reach for the stars PR? I guess you will find out when I do the recap, because I am not telling 🙂

Breakfast was plain Chobani yogurt, peanut butter, kashi go lean cereal, and a whole banana. It was so good!


While I was gone, hubs had a friend come and install some ceiling fans in Carlo’s room and our room.


Hubs picked out the fan for our room…still debating on of I love it or hate it.


This one is for Carlo’s room. I think he’ll like it 🙂

So do you ever let your significant other pick something out for your house because they love it (even though you hate it)?

How do you feel about your long runs, look forward to it or dread it?



14 thoughts on “Negative splits=Happy Tiffany

  1. elisariva says:

    I can relate to the hills, I live in an area with rolling hills. Even so, I look forward to my long run. It gives me time to myself and my thoughts. Some runs are far better than others, that is for sure. My favorite thing to do after a long run is take a long nap!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      That’s my favorite thing to do too! Well that and eat something delicious, shower, then sleep 🙂 most of my long runs are on days where I have to work right after, so I just end up watching a little dvr before I have to head to work…

  2. davidnolsen says:

    In Florida, hills have a very different meaning. they are more like speed bumps. I had my first taste of hills when I went to Maine to visit my parents and discovered i LOVED them. I do like going up more than going down. I find going down hurts my knees a bit (maybe I am doing it wrong…).

    I LOVE my long runs too….the way I see it, it is what sets distance runners apart from others and that it is quite an accomplishment once you are finished.

    Your food concoction by the way looks absolutely delicious! I may have to try that some time.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I have a love hate relationship with hills, it feels so good when it’s all done. And I think they have really helped with my time since I haven’t focused on speed work outs in a couple of weeks. And yes the breakfast was as good as it looked 🙂

  3. Blackfoot Running says:

    Damn that looks delicious!

    I look forward to my long runs because I don’t have to ‘kill’ myself over the time, I just do what is comfortable and sustainable for the duration and try to pick it up only at the last mile. I get to enjoy the music, the scenery….it is super nice. I do not like thinking about ‘having’ to do it before some other fun event like dinner with a dude though. It is always the getting-going that is the hardest.

  4. Lisa says:

    Usually look forward to them unless I’m worried about an injury or pain somewhere. However… I have a hard time getting myself dressed and out the door. It always seems to take longer than it should. 🙂 I think you’re smart to try and schedule your long run as the only exercise for that day. A long run is plenty!

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