Running in pairs

Today is a simple day work out wise.

Run 3 miles

Shoulders and Arms

Ab ripper X

I just didn’t have the time to do Ab ripper X. I did my run first, which was awesome. I swear my stride is much better in these new shoes. I am seriously smitten with them. Here’s a pic to jog your memory.


Delicious, no?

Well anyways I ran 3.40 miles in about 33 minutes with the 2 schlubs. Vin and Klaire.


I noticed that they began the run neck and neck. Trying to out do one another. By the end, Vin was trying to get away from Klaire. I think she gave him the “stink eye” somewhere during the run.

I really like the idea of running the dogs in pairs. I got both Vin and Klaire out and running 3 miles twice this week. Most of the time I only do one dog at a time and only take them on my short runs so they only get one run a week. I’m hoping this coupler thing works out and it can be an ongoing thing.

As for the shoulders and arms. I did it after my run, so I did some stretches while I fast forwarded through the 13 minute warm up and also through all the chatting. I even had time for one round of the bonus round. And I’m feeling it! Finally! I feel like I strain, and push hard, and do my best and I don’t have any after soreness. Like I’m plateauing. Very annoying! I guess I’m in that stupid comfort zone and I have to push even harder. Maybe this will happen next week?

How’s your Thursday going?



2 thoughts on “Running in pairs

  1. Jason Halstead says:

    Ah P90X in the flesh. First time through it? I’ve only tried one workout thus far (you read my blog, you know my story). Speaking purely from an athletic perspective if you don’t feel like you’re making progress you could A> be wrong and not realize it or B> need to step it up and push yourself beyond what you think is possible. How’s that for confusing?

    Seriously, because you don’t feel sore or wiped out does not mean you didn’t do your body good. Sure, it’s a masochistic bit of joy we get when we feel DOMS setting in (delayed onset muscle soreness), but it’s not necessary. In fact, sometimes it’s even counter-productive to getting an optimal workout. More so for strength and mass gain than for fat loss though.

    Oh, and by the way, nice shoes. 😉

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your input, it’s greatly appreciated. It’s not my first time through P90X. I have always had that “DOMS” you mentioned. Today I did feel it with my piddly 8lb weights. So perhaps today I did my body good? I feel I work pretty damn hard, but maybe I am doing it wrong? Practice makes perfect and tomorrow is another day to test the theories.


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