Another crazy Wednesday!

On the agenda today was:

Run 4 miles

Cardio X

What I actually did:

Run 2 miles

Wednesday is my hardest day to fit in a work out. Originally I had asked for this day off since I had tix to see the Warriors.

However someone else had asked for the same day off so I had to work. I was thinking I would be fine since on Wednesday I work 4am-12:45. I don’t mind waking up this early and getting the shift done. However on Monday I found out that the load driver was going to be 2 hours late. Therefore making my shift 6-2:45.

I got home by 3:15, in my running gear and out the door with brassy by 3:30. I figured 2 miles would be good to
A) make it to the game on time


B) take my new shoes on a quick test drive with out risk of injury.

There once was a time where I took a pair of new running shoes on a very long 7 mile run to break them in…never again after the blister that would never heal appeared.

The run was marvelous. It was sunny, and perfect conditions for a run in short sleeved shirt and shorts. I think I even or a little bit of a sun burn. Blast this sensitive skin of mine. I see sunscreen in my future.

I got home by around 3:5x and took a shower, grabbed the tix and headed to the game by 4:30. But first picked up Carlo from school. He had no idea he was going to the game tonight, and incidentally wore one of his Warriors shirts to school. Wishful thinking?

I got to the game by 5:30, and it’s an early game that starts at 7. I’m about to go eat lots of peanuts while I enjoy the rest of this beer


I hate rushing, but it makes for a pretty good day sometimes.

And because in the best photographer ever, here we are at the game.



What’s your favorite basketball team?

What’s your craziest day of the week?



3 thoughts on “Another crazy Wednesday!

  1. trikatykid says:

    I’m not much into NBA. But I am an avid follower of Syracuse basketball! Go Orange! I could have used a day off from running so that equalled one flat-ish mile.

    Great job squeezing it all in!!

  2. andrea drugay says:

    I grew up in Chicago with the Bulls, so they were my first b-ball loves, but when Phil Jackson moved to the Lakers, I became a Lakers fan, too 🙂 I love Steve Nash and the Suns, too! Craziest days always seem to be Friday for some reason. Hopefully tomorrow will be mellow but we’ll see 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Who doesn’t love the Bulls and everything they come with? We split our season Tickets with another family member and we always try to get Lakers, Bulls, and Celtics. Doesn’t happen every year, but I definitely get excited when it does. Because let’s face it, the Warriors pretty much suck! HAHA it’s just a good time out 🙂

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