Valentine’s Day Bliss!

Hubs is really bad at keeping secrets or trying to surprise me. He has to tell me about the gift he’s going to buy me or give me the gift he has bought me the day or moment he sees me next. That moment was 5 minutes after I got home last night. Ready for it? He decided to get me new running shoes that I could pick out for myself. Which I think is way better than a pair of shoes that I haven’t been properly fitted for, but just love how they look.

We woke up this morning all ready for a great romantic day. I had made an appointment at “healing massage” for a 70 minute reflexology special, only 25 bucks! But first we stopped here for a little car love.

Next up massages!

Looks a little sketchy and ghetto from the outside huh? Well we both were concerned about this, but this place felt pretty legit. We walked in and was pleasantly greeted, and then escorted back to our wonderfully comfy chairs. They did a full body massage starting with my head and face, working down to my shoulders, then my arms, and finally my feet. This lady went to town and believe me, I needed it. I think this may be in order more often and especially post 1/2 marathon! After the toes, she flipped me over and then worked on my back for 20 minutes. So worth the 25 bucks!

Next up sushi!

All you can eat for $13.95? Yes, please!!

Here’s my first round, and I stopped counting after this. Hubs swears he had 14 plates, but I know I had less. So I’ll go with that.

After sushi we were going to See’s for some amazing chocolate. I was dreaming of what I was going to put in my bag when we pulled up and realized everyone else and their brother was thinking the same thing. So we opted to skip it. Now onto the shoe store while Jason smoked as cigar at this little place down the street.

I went to Fleet Feet in Vacaville. This place fitted me for my first pair of shoes, and they worked out well, but I have been fitted other places and most haven’t been as successful. The lady first brought out some more asics, but they didn’t feel right. Plus she said I probably have too much cushioning and needed something maybe in the more neutral shoe stance. So after 1 and 2 shoes were just “ok”, she pulled out the neutral saucony’s. I put them on and they just felt more stable. She watched me run and walk in them and agreed that they were the right ones for me. Say hello to my “little friends”

I can’t wait to take them for a spin tomorrow after work!

On the way to Fleet Feet we saw this cupcake specialty shop that we decided to check out since See’s was a bust.


They also had about 8 champagnes to choose from. I asked the server which one was the best, and i didnt need something super sweet. So i went with the iron horse one. It was pink and not too sweet. It was perfect! Then i picked the salted caramel cupcake, hubs went with “hostess”, and a glass of merlot.



The place had a really hip vibe, could have done with out the hipster music. Other than that I would definitely recommend this place and will be going back. Their cupcakes were so light and fluffy and tasted like they were freshly baked! They change their favors daily so they told us to “like” them on fb so we know when our faves hit the stand.


Here’s what I got the hubs for V-Day



Cheesy I know, but he loved them!

Looking forward to some tacos for dinner.

Did you do anything special for V-Day?



5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Bliss!

  1. trikatykid says:

    Was the sushi good? All you can eat for $13.95?? We usually eat all we can and the bill is over $100!!

    I started my Valentine’s Day pinned to my bed and being french kissed — by a dog!! LOL. She was oddly “up my butt” all day. I literally had to throw my blankets off my and climb out the other side because she was blocking my usual “exit” ..

    We went out for our morning walk and I let her off the leash and we played ball for a long time. When I came back from errands we ran again – 2.25 miles and that was NOT enough for her! She whined when I closed the bathroom door to take a shower!!

    Now THIS IS LOVE!!

    I enjoyed your Valentine’s Day .. hope the tacos were delicious. Right now I am eating chili that my friend brought home for me. She is in getting the baby to sleep and the dog has finally given up on another run and is sleeping at my feet. Valentine’s Day is GREAT!

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