OCD Scheduling

I am the first to admit that in the past I have been known to skip work outs, then panic and do like 3 work outs the next day to make up for it. Well when I skipped the Kenpo X on Saturday for the 9 mile run I had that same panic. I was thinking “Ok well I will do it on Monday, along with Core Synergistics and my run”. Then that stressed me out.

I was thinking of nutrition and how I was going to eat. Normally I eat breakfast after I have worked out. When I do 2 work outs that are longer than 30 minutes each I eat something small like a banana in between, then eat breakfast. But this 2 hour and 40 minute work out session really had me thinking crazy “I will run, then eat a banana, then do kenpo X, then recovery drink, then wait 20 minutes, then do Core Synergistics”. I was seriously out of my mind. Plus I have some other scheduling conflicts for the rest of the week.

I woke up this morning and clear headed I thought, “A run, and Core Synergistics sounds perfect!” I went with it, and you know what? I don’t feel that guilty! Woot! Ok so I finished my run in about 35 minutes and it was 3.25 miles. I should probably take another look at that Novice 2 Program I say I am following. I think the mileage should have been 4, but hey it’s ok. I also did Core Synergistics. It was awesome. I did the prison cell pushups all the way through with out stopping. Woot go me! So with that out of the way on to bigger and better things!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and Hubs and I both got the day off. Wow this is a first. So we have plans, and they don’t include working out. So that’s another day I have to add to another day. (am I making sense?). I was thinking maybe I could squeeze in a run? I just don’t think it’s a good idea to take “me time” on a day that’s supposed to be shared with your significat other. I really want to make the day about “us”. It’s important to take the time for eachother.

I have a great Valentine’s Day gift for the Hubs. I am going to write him a love letter and frame it, so I can hang it over the bed on his side. Maybe he will be inspired to do the same for me? Probably not, but worse case scenario I’ll buy two frames and figure out something for my side later. I think it’s romantic.

Vin and Klaire on the coupler I found in the garage yesterday. Now I can run 2 dogs at once.

Chocolate milk post run

Breakfast was Chobani yogurt, kashi go lean crunch, natural peanut butter and sliced banana. First time trying the combo and it was fabulous!

Do you ever panic when you skip a work out?

What are you Valentine’s Day plans?



5 thoughts on “OCD Scheduling

  1. jill barville says:

    I don’t panic when I skip a workout, but do tend to feel guilty. I wouldn’t, however, feel guilty about going for a run on Valentine’s day. It’s a heart healthy thing to do, after all. Any chance your husband will go with you? Then it’s a run date. Those are the best dates because there are no real distractions, just the road or trail and slightly out of breath conversation. Enjoy your day off.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Unfortunately the hubs is very against anything that makes him sweat…so running together is out. Maybe we can go for a walk? But he won’t go for more than 15 minutes. He’s a strange one 🙂

  2. Jason Halstead says:

    Wow, you’re crazy…but I mean that in a good way! I admire your dedication. How long have you been at this fitness thing and what are your goals? Other than the obvious: look good nekkid (or whatever fashionable substitute you may have in mind).

    I’m a huge proponent of getting people strong, man or woman. Not big and gladiatrix like, but being strong doesn’t mean looking like a Russian olympic weightlifter complete with the mustache and manly voice. Not only is it great for making the body work better and healthier, but it also burns a lot more calories on a day to day basis. And, personally, I find strong women downright sexy.

    Speaking of sexy, my wife’s personal best is a 225lb deadlift and she won a competition at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH (2011) for picking up a 210lb cement ball for 32 reps without a rest. I’ve got to work out to keep her from snapping me like a twig! 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I have been running for about 3 years and about 3 months ago decided to really commit to fitness in every way possible. I wiped out all the garbage foods, and really made “working out” a priority. I ran my first marathon and completely bombed it. I like to learn from my mistakes, and I think with enough dedication I will qualify for Boston in the next couple of years.

      Congrats on your wife’s accomplishments, very impressive. I have friend who just started weight lifting and is in love with it. For now, my first love has to be distance running. Just can’t get enough :). The P90X is just for fun for now. Next up has to be insanty!

  3. kemc817 says:

    I blogged about chocolate milk after a workout… I’ve heard great things about it for when your done expending all your energy and leaving it on the sidewalks. I’m glad someone recognizes this too! and your banana cruch yogurt meal looks amazing… I’m def going to try that white chocolate peanut butter!

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