Sunday eats

Hubs and I decided to have breakfast at Sandy’s 101 omelets

I had the B-007 which is bacon, avocado, and mushrooms. I added Swiss cheese and tomatoes instead of hash browns and hold the toast/biscuit. (which was really hard since their biscuits are AMAZING!)

Hubs had pigs in a blanket

His was good, but mine was better!

I have to work at 12:15-9, so that means lunch and dinner at work. Here’s the rundown

Banana before I start working.

Lunch will be chicken and green beans

Cucumber and TJ’s jalapeño cilantro hummus for my 2:15 snack

Dinner will probably be around 4 (early on Sunday’s) salmon and green beans, and raw almonds, cashews, and dried cranberries for dessert.


Last snack around 7:30, apple and Cheese

Last but not least, a small hard candy with jelly inside. Oldie, but a goodie!

This is pretty much what I eat every day for lunch and dinner, and breakfast is usually yogurt. But it’s nice to spice it up on the weekends and go out to eat.
Now I’m going to watch a little “Creep Show” with the hubs, then it’s off to work!


What’s on your agenda today?


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