Not enough hours…

I started my run this morning around 7:45  I brought Vin with me today which ended up being awesome.  Love him so much.  He listened and wasn’t acting sicky at all.  He stayed out in front of me and helped me keep my pace.  I ended up finishing about 3 and a half miles in about 35 minutes.  I think it was around 10 min/mile.  Not bad for a casual run with Vin.  I really think he did help pace me.  And to continue in true P90X fashion I did “Legs and Back” after the run.  I didn’t even want to run let alone do another work out afterwards. 

Right as soon as I got home, I ate a banana, put Vin away after I gave him some water, and pushed play.  I just decided that I might as well get it over with.  I wanted to start this journey and its only Day 4!  Reality check Tiff, you can do this!  So I sucked it up and finished Legs and back, but I had to fast forward through some of the pull ups towards the end since I was running out of time, before I had to go to work.  I figured I didn’t miss much since I don’t have a pull up bar.  All of the back exercises were pull ups.  I just did the pull up exercises in the beginning with dumbells which wasn’t very effective.  Plus I think I have outgrown my 8lb weights.  I am thinking of getting some 12’s, but maybe I should just get some 10’s?  Now I just need to wait for a sale.  I finished everything with about 20 minutes to take a shower, get ready, make my lunch and head to work.  I made it on time, but I got to work about 10 minutes before my shift started.  I am used to being there at least 30 minutes before my shift starts. 

I hate rushing.

Day 4 is over and tomorrow I had planned on going to the group run with a local store called “Fleet Feet”, but I decided I would just do my long run on my own tomorrow.  I just don’t feel up to waking at 5:30 in the morning in order to get there at 6:30.  So tomorrow is long run (about 8 miles) followed by kenpo x.  I am actually looking forward to it!  One more day then rest on Sunday. 

Did you have a productive day?


4 thoughts on “Not enough hours…

  1. fatkidmission says:

    When we did p 90x we purchased a super cheap free standing ballet bar from craigslist, and used that to do pull ups with // I could send you a video demonstration if you want one. It was an excellent way to go into pull ups until i could do them on a bar from the ceiling.. Also i dont know if you have a store around you called five degrees below (maybe i am making up the number) but its something below.. ANYWAYS . THey sell weight very cheeply.It is probably worth your while to have 10s and 12s just so you can continue to build .. Awesome blog keep up the good work . Are you training for a half or whole ?

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