23 new friends

Today I made 23 new friends. They were kind of quiet when we first met, but they let me take their pictures.

When I asked their names they just said “moo”


Granted your friends don’t normally run from you, but they held still long enough to take a picture.

So those are just a few of my “new friends”. I met them while running 9 miles this morning. I decided on 9 based off of Hal higdon’s novice 2 program and this what was on the agenda for 5 weeks out. This is good since my last long run was 8, and next Saturday I do 10. I saw some of the trees turn into blossoms, so pretty!

And I did end up running in my ‘hood so there were about 3 monster hills that I had to do twice since it was a down and back. The second time is always harder!

There are 4 miles of these rolling type hills on top of the monster ones. These are almost worse since I never feel like I get a break. I just keep telling myself it makes for a super easy half marathon when the time comes!

It really was a beautiful day outside…

I know I had kenpo x on my to do list today, but I felt like 1 hr and 49 minutes of running 9 miles is enough! I really don’t want to keep pushing and injure myself. I felt very tired after the run, and thought I really deserve some rest. Also I didn’t realize I havent taken a day off from working out in 2 weeks! Yikes! So tomorrow will be a welcome relaxing day.

Did you get your long run in today?


5 thoughts on “23 new friends

  1. Henry Runs says:

    This looks like a really fun run! I live in an urban area so my friends along my route tend to be cats or the occasional duck at the local lake.

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