Day off??

I’m feeling pretty hard core today. On the docket was 2 full work outs. First up, run 4-5 miles with one of the dogs, initially I chose Vin. However his stomach proved that he wasn’t ready today for the run (my poor little sick Vinny!) Next up was Mr. Brass. After the first mile Brass started getting in the zone and seemed to be feeling pretty good. I on the other hand really didn’t want to tackle this monster hill that would be on our route if we did in fact do five miles. Not only once would I have to climb up this monster, but then I would have to turn around and do it again. Today I just wasn’t feeling it considering I had another hour and a half of P90X Yoga X next up. I ended up only having to do 2 hills (same hill) but were not as steep or as long. It doesn’t really even feel like a hill until I get up to the top. Brass stayed at the same speed the entire time.

4.27 miles


11:XX min/mile

I accidently put down walk as how I did these four miles and the app just proceeded like I actually walked 4 miles in 50 some odd minutes. The app probably thinks like this most of the time “Sure you ran that, I bet you stopped and walked 1/2” OR “See doesn’t it feel good to tell the truth and put down ‘walk’?”

Stupid app

Next up was P90X Yoga X. I wasn’t feeling it until after all the vinyasas. I did them all. I did all of the exercises except side plank, my wrists were just too sore after all that vinyasa stuff. I love my flow, don’t get me wrong. It was just a lot of exercise for one day. In the future I might make the yoga day be a 1 work out day. Unfortunately due to schedules it probably won’t happen for at least 2 weeks.

After I did all that exercise I decided that I should probably bathe all the dogs and trim their nails. I also got about 6 loads of laundry done, 2 loads of dishes (hubs uses every pot when he makes pasta), I still need to feed the dogs, pick up Carlo from school, and run another mile with Carlo. Uggh.

A day off from work is never a day off….

Love the shadow of Brass in this pic, makes him look huge!

Can you see that this work out is over 1 hr and 30 minutes long?

Do you ever work out twice in a day? Do you dread it?

Has anyone started watching the newest season of “Real Housewives of Orange County”? It’s my guilty pleasure! Can’t get enough!


3 thoughts on “Day off??

  1. Sharene says:

    Ha ha – you’re ‘days off’ sound like mine except that at some point I usually make the decision to blow off all the ‘must do’s and go for a run. Funny how the laundry is always still there tomorrow.

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