Sausage and Eggs

Is what I chose over running.

The hubs is off today, which means my morning is f@#$ed. He told me last night that he was making breakfast and that I should skip my work out and just relax with “him” this morning. I really love that idea, except for the fact that I have a schedule and I have to hit my goals. And I already promised him Sundays, so I really didn’t want to compromise my week.

On the agenda was 3 work outs:

P90X Shoulders and Arms + Abs

Run 4 miles

I chose to only do the arm work out while he took Carlo to school. I fast forwarded through all the talking. I have done this video more than any other work out. It’s a great compliment and fabulous arm work out. Basically it’s a shoulder move, bicep move, then tricep, then repeat the 3 moves. I do the 2 cycles before they usually finish the first cycle. Or explaining the first cycle. Then fast forward to the next moves while I do a ballistic stretch. I finish the hour work out in about 35 minutes if I skip the bonus work out, which I’m not about since it’s week one.

I won’t get to the running today since I work 10:45-7:30, but I will get to the abs after I get home tonight (I hope). Maybe I will get them out of the way this morning.

Hubs just told me that he was leaving, so maybe I will just go for the run anyways…He loves that I work out, but I think that he just prefers that we spend time together when we are both not working. We do work opposite shifts, and see eachother most days for about 5 minutes in the morning, and then about 30 minutes in the evening after I get home. I like it that way sometimes, I get my work out in with out feeling guilty. We also have opposite days off, I am trying to get him to take Valentine’s Day off and go splurge on a massage.

A very cool thing happened last night, Jason went to visit his sister and she gave us some of her art. She has given us pieces before, but Jason brought home like 5 pieces. Check out her website, she’s got some awesome stuff

This is her etsy page

Here’s some pictures of the paintings she gave us.

From left to right: day of the dead style Johnny Cash, day of the dead style Elvis, and “The Time Keeper”.



And since I’m having pasta tonight I thought I would bust out this shirt to remind myself why I work out!

How often do you make work out sacrifices for your loved ones?

What kind of art do you like? I like things that are personal and are handmade or something hubs and I are both into.



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