Sore all over!

I decided that I really wanted to start up this p90x journey sometime this year.  I wanted to start on January 1st (and I did) but the shoulder injury from the darn wii on day 4 (yes too much dancing injured my shoulder) prevented me from really doing p90x in January.  I feel like it has healed over the past 3 weeks and yesterday I really tested it out by starting Day 1 of the p90x Lean version, core synergistics.

I went back and forth about running after doing core synergistics yesterday.  I decided that I deserved a day off, but really wanted to run.  So I took a day off.  I didn’t want to over do it on Day 1.  Now, of course, I regret it since it’s raining!  I don’t have a gym membership, and I don’t have a treadmill.

Oh yeah and I am in training for the “Lucky Run” 1/2 marathon on March 17th!  I love this goal.  I feel like it’s attainable.  I have been gotten up to 8 miles on my last 2 or 3 long runs, so I think I’m pretty much on track.  I just need to throw in some speed work outs.  I really want to break that 2:30 time.  I think my previous times were somewhere around 2:34 and 2:36.  I ran the whole time, but very slowly.  5 weeks and counting!

So the agenda for today included Cardio X and run 3 miles.  The Cardio X was awesome!  I was pretty sore from the core synergistics yesterday, but I felt like I could do all of the exercises and do them pretty damn well.  I skipped the cool down and grabbed my rain jacket and Klaire and headed out for my run.  I figured Klaire would suck it up and run in the rain.  I was so very VERY wrong!  She kept lagging behind.  Very unlike her, I thought she had to poo so I kept stopping….and nothing.  I think she just didn’t want to be in the rain. Finally at the turn around about 2 miles in, she finally started keeping up.  my time was around 38 minutes for 3.3 miles.  Disgrace…I know I wanted to take it easy, but I felt like I was dragging Klaire behind me the whole time.

I feel guilty when I run with out my dogs, but sometimes they just don’t want to run, LESSON LEARNED!

Do you ever have problems when running with your dogs?

How many times have you started p90x and not finished?  Or finished?  I have started about 4 or 5 times and once even got to the end of phase 2, but never finished….this time will be different!

Is anyone else watching “The Voice”?  What’s up with Cee Lo and the white cat?  Everytime I see him with that cat I can’t help but lmao!


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