Race Recap: Davis Stampede 5K

I got to wake up at the grand ol’ time of 5am. I really hate waking up early (like before 7) especially on a Sunday. Hubs was even less thrilled. I went downstairs and got some coffee brewing, and let the dogs out and started downing some coffee. I wanted to make sure I was “race ready” if you get my drift. I ate some yogurt and a banana with some granola on top. I debated on going the traditional route of peanut butter (or other nut butter) and bagel or toast, but I have been staying away from processed foods and I didn’t want to risk it. The only thing that sucked was that the bananas were still too darn green! They needed an extra day for sure. I only ate 1/2, and it was just “ok”.

We left at 5:45, and got there around 6:20. We still had a good 25 minutes before they opened. It said on their website that there was only street parking, so to start looking right around 3rd street . Hubs found a spot about 2 blocks from the start. Which ended up being perfect. He hung in the car while I got the bibs and shirts for Carlo and I.

Granted the night before I was nervous about a few things, but I wasn’t worried about packet pick up or getting to the start line on time. Perhaps I should have been. See I have done at least 2 races through www.changeofpace.org. They seem to alway have their $hit together. They are usually set up before I get there (which is usually a few minutes before they “open”). However today was not the case. Perhaps this was a whole new set of volunteers, or race directors etc. Not sure, but there was at least a 15-20 minute delay from what the website had posted.

I luckily got there with no line, and no volunteers. They seemed to have plenty of porta potties, so I decided to cop a squat while there was also no line for that. By the time I was done there was a line starting to form. I was about 4 people deep, by the time they actually started to check us in there was a pretty big crowd. At least 15 deep with about 15-20 lines. So I got the bibs, now time to head over to the “T-Shirt Table” which was a complete mess. There was only 1 volunteer manning this table. By the time I got there, there were easily 20 people in front of me. He had T-Shirts spread out on the table, and still lookin in boxes for sizes. Definitely not as organized as they have been in the past. So 15 minutes later I get my shirt and see there is about 100 + people waiting at the “T-Shirt Table” and no other volunteer in sight. By this time it was around 7:30, so I walked back to the car.

I grabbed hubs around 15 minutes before the 1/2 marathon and 10 kers were supposed to start. There were some delays. The race didn’t start EXACTLY on time, which is always annoying. They started a good 17 minutes behind. I saw some stroller joggers and other 5kers lining up behind the yellow tape where I was standing. I thought “Crap so I am going to need to talk to someone if I want to make a friend”. First person I saw was a dude, and I know hubs wouldn’t be cool with that. 2 other chicks I saw had baby strollers, and I was cool off that since people with tiny kids usually have weird schedules and perhaps aren’t as serious about running. I knew that when I went into this. I saw a lot of people who looked like they were going to walk the entire thing. I even overheard a lady saying pretty proudly “I haven’t exercised since Thanksgiving”. Sigh!

So the 5kers took their respective spots at the start about 10 minutes after the start. They said there would be an additional 10 minute delay. I thought “ok Tiff, here’s your chance to make a friend, the girl who’s walking next to you, she could be it…say something, ok now say something….ummm ok still haven’t said anything and you need to say something”. Finally I thought to start the convo I would just start with “How’s it goin” DOH! Really lame huh? Oh well it’s a start! The girl was like “umm ok” I asked if it was her first 5k, and she replied “no” and then kind of started walking faster. GREAT! Now I’m the creepy stalker girl! DAMMIT ALL MY FEARS HAVE COME TRUE!

30 seconds later after I get kinda of annoyed and call the girl all sorts of profane things in my head I compose myself and look for somenone else to talk to. Here’s what I was looking for:

Someone who was alone

Someone who looked maybe a little nervous

Someone who looked nice

Someone who was about as fit as I was

I ended up seeing a chick who looked nice, and was alone, I thought “Well I have been rejected once before…let’s try it again”

me: “How’s it goin”

her: “Good, how’s it goin with you?”

Yes, she’s actually nice and asked me something. I really tried not to be too eager, but I got excited and probably was talking a little bit too much. I asked her what her plans were for the race, and if she had done any other racing and where she lived etc. She wanted to finish before 37 minutes. Which is awesome. She hadn’t done much running the past month, but was even at the CIM in Sac doing the relay. (The same race as my marathon! ) I asked her if she was planning on doing the “Lucky Run” and she said she wanted to, but wasn’t sure. So I got her last name, wished her luck on this race and set off on my own path.

I thought about running with her and getting to know her a little better. Then I thought, remember the lesson that I just learned about running.


We all have goals, and sure sometimes it’s just to finish, but today my goal was very clear!


So that was it. The gun went off, and we went our separate speeds. I was dodging people for about 1 minute, then I just started running right outside of the cones, which is kinda not legit, but I wanted to pass people. I wanted to feel the speed in my legs! So run on the outside of the cones I did. I passed a few others who were doing the same thing.

The first mile was pretty easy. I saw the marker and thought “WOOT” that came quick. I didn’t set my running partner until a few minutes into it. I mostly just wanted to make sure I didn’t dip into the 11’s. Every time I checked it I was easily into the 8:5X which I was pretty stoked about. But knew that the app isn’t exactly reliable.

I completely missed the mile 2 marker which kinda blows. I mean I kept thinking, is it coming up, am I running fast enough. Did I miss it!?!? So I just trudged on, and kept my eye on the prize. Focus on passing people. Focus on breathing. I was taking two short breaths in for every step and one long one out. I knew this would be ok, this is my “fast running breath”. I got this, only 1 more mile to go I am sure, since I totally wasn’t paying attention and missed the 2 mile marker sign. It doesn’t seem like a gigantic deal on like a 1/2 marathon, but for 3 miles, you want to hit every mile marker!

So I see the last corner and I am running fast, and I hear the announcer. I got this I totally got this. I am going to pass one more person in the last 200 yds, call it rude, call it pushing it harder, I just wanted to feel like I left it all on the course. I see the 3 mile marker just before the finish and I pass that last person. I see the time 44:XX. They must have started it for the 10k and 1/2 marathoners. And once we hit that last corner 10k people were passing us like crazy. I felt like I was running my little heart out and there were people flying by me.

So Jason thought he heard the announcer say 30 minutes for the 5kers right before I hit the finish line. Which would be good. However not as awesome as 29 minutes. I was proud. I mean I shaved 5 minutes off my average time if that indeed was the correct time. I just had to wait for the official results, and heaven forbid I came in around 31 minutes. EEEK ok I will take 30 minutes any day of the week. So I was estatic. I had hit a milestone, and was going to relish in it.

One of the other ideas on making friends was to hit them up at the end. That was definitely not happening. I literally was so dizzy I was lucky I got my medal. I know I pushed it, I know I gave it everything I got. All I could think about was “water and free pancakes”. I figured I finished a little faster than normal judging by the lines at the pancake booth. I was just about 2 people deep. I asked for 3 so Hubs, Carlo and I could each have one. I ate them so fast, then onto other free stuff! Namely, BEER! Love the stuff!

I explained to Hubs for the 147th time that “Carlo’s race would begin in less than 2 hours” I felt my stomach turn as I was saying it. He would exhale loudly and obviously annoyed. I would say “I told you this 147 times and you didn’t believe me?” So we got our beers, of course it was awesome. Sudwerk was there with free samples for the runners, (however at the urban cow runners got a free full pint of beer). Downed my sample, paid the man $3 for each beer and found a place to sit. Again Hubs asked about the kids race. I just changed the subject and was glowing about my race! It was awesome I told him. Blah blah blah.

1 hr and 55 minutes later (and about 39 more times about him asking) we line up for the kids race. It was just a mile race for Carlo. He was the oldest kid out there, and he was out in front for the first 4 minutes, but after he turned the corner he slowed down. He did end up finishing, and no they don’t keep track of time. But he was proud of himself, and you can see how excited he was to take a picture down below.

Overall the race was great, weather was perfect in the mid 50’s by race time. The course was flat, except for one tiny little hill, which felt like nothing compared to the hills by my house. And the day went great. We both got our medals, and all of us went home and ate some tacos and took a nap before the big game! Great day to race! I will probably do this race again, but pick up my packet the day before to avoid the craziness on the “day of”. Carlo will probably never do the kids race again since the start times are so late. He will probably just run the 5k’s with me from now on.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I ended up looking up the new running friend on Facebook, and hopefully we will have plans to run the “Lucky Run” together. I also touched base with some other friends who I met while showing my dogs, and they too are planning on doing the “Lucky Run”. Maybe we will have a little running group goin on? Life is good. Work hard, play hard.



Carlo at his start, obviously excited to get his picture taken

Carlo finishing

Carlo’s “just happy to have finished post race smile”. Can you tell how much he likes his picture to be taken?

Post race tacos for the win!

I ended up checking the website after 3 and found out my time was 29:27! Yes under 30! Also I was 23/93 for my age group and 335/1107. Top 30% sounds awesome to me!

Have you ever set a goal and met it? How did you feel after?
Does your hubs ever complain about race times?
How was your super bowl Sunday?


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Davis Stampede 5K

  1. Clare says:

    Congrats on breaking 30 minutes!! I love checking the results after a race and finding my official time is faster than I expected – best feeling!

    Super Bowl Sunday was good and low key.

    Have a great Monday and congrats again 🙂

  2. fairyhealthylife says:

    I hate when things don’t start on time. Great job on meeting your goal! I think it’s so exciting to have family involved.

  3. andrea drugay says:

    Great race recap ~ and congratulations! You did it! BTW, I totally know what it’s like to feel like creepy stalker girl trying to make friends at races. It can be hard and weird! But people in general can be weird, so I just have to remember not to take it personally. So, thanks for connecting/commenting 🙂

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