OMG I got to hang with my long lost running bud today!  Love her so much!  It felt like I haven’t seen Miss Pinchy in like forever!  It has been about 2 months, but damn time sure does fly by!  We decided on doing a hike this morning.  Goal was just to walk and chat and “catch up”.  Since it’s our weekend with senor Carlo, he came with me.  He trotted along behind us listening to music.  Probably mostly Lady Gaga is what I’m assuming.

Carlo, being that wonderful “pre teen” that he is, didn’t want to go on a hike today.  Simply because we were working too hard for too long.  Basically it’s a gigantic hill to hike up, and it takes about 40 minutes or so walking to get up the hill.  Going down was just fine for him.  However he didn’t quite make it to the top.

Miss Pinchy caught me up to speed on  her injury aka “pinchy” and how it isn’t looking good.  But she figures she needs to stay active, and it bothers her the same reguardless of if she runs or walks so she would rather run.  She isn’t planning on doing any races with me for a few months.  But fingers crossed that maybe by the end of the year we will do a 5k together for fun.

Tomorrow is the big day for the Davis Stampede!  I am nervous about a few things

1.  How fast I can run.  I haven’t run 3 miles in under 30 minutes yet.  I really really want to hit that goal.

2. Meeting someone there who could be a potential running buddy for the Lucky Run in March.  (Not sure if another 5k-er will be down to run a 1/2 mary in 6 weeks.  I guess it just depends on the person. My perfect scenario would be me asking a person what are your goals for this race, and them answer “well this is just a practice race for the Lucky 1/2 coming up in 6 weeks.” and followed by them running the same speed as me the whole time….just putting it out there)

3. That my hubs will be annoyed that my race is done so soon and we will have to wait around for 2 hours before Carlo races.  EEEEK!  I told him about the schedule, but I’m sure he forgot.  I don’t think he will be upset, but I know he’s annoyed that this race is falling on Super Bowl Sunday.  Even though I told him about this race months ago it didn’t sink in that it was the same weekend.  Needless to say it will all be done and maybe I can run off that runner’s high for the morning.

Other than that I am feeling awesome!  Packet pick up starts at 6:45 (well it started friday, but I know it will be easy to grab it race day morning) and as long as I get there with my sports bra and use the porta potty at least once I think I’ll be good.

Do you ever get nervous about timing or other stuff before a race?

Or do you have any awesome running buddies who are now injured and out of commission?  Do you fear the same fate for yourself?

Have a great Saturday!


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