Woke up too late!

Darn it! I totally slept through my alarm, or didn’t set it right or something.  I missed the yoga class that I was planning on taking.  So I dusted off the ol’ P90X yoga X video and gave it a try.  I have done this video a few times.  I have only finished it once or twice.  It’s long.  Like over 90 minutes long.  I figured the class I was going to take was also that long and would match up to it.  Plus I was looking forward to getting back into that “flow” I have been craving that my local studio seems to be neglecting.

The first 20 minutes was rough.  I set my heater to like 85 so it felt like hotter than normal or a “hot yoga” class.  I was sweating like crazy.  They start you off in runner’s pose which is the end all and be all since you do it every single pose.  You basically build the practice.  You go from runner’s, to crescent, to warrior 1, warrior 2, reverse warrior, and do each one before you can move onto the next.  I am sure I am not explaining this efficiently.  Basically it’s a lot of flow in the first 2o minutes or so.

The next 20 minutes or so included some binds and at that point my wrists were screaming.  I was surprised by this, since I had been going to yoga once a week at least.  then I thought about it and since we have only done like 3 sun salutations each week, no wonder my wrists were hurting.  They aren’t strengthened by the practice I’m doing.  It really  kind of pisses me off.  I spend good money to go there and ya I do enjoy the teacher, but I want to see some results and progress.  Maybe I am asking too much of this studio?  Anyways off the rant.

Overall I felt like once my wrists were in a ton of pain in side planks, it was time to stop.  No need to injure one’s self during yoga.  That’s not the reason I practiced this morning.  I wanted to relax, and stretch and be ready for the Davis Stampede, but I just had this feeling of being annoyed and pissed at that yoga studio.  Oh well life goes on.  I’m going to try to get myself in a better mood.

Have you ever been disappointed by a yoga/pilates/lifting/work out class?

Have you tried the P90x yoga?  How were your wrists after?

Have a great Friday!


One thought on “Woke up too late!

  1. tomddean says:

    P90x is on my bucket list — I believe there’s a ‘lite’ version of sorts though I should try first. I haven’t had a regular workout routine in over two years so I don’t want to jump in overly ambitious! I’ve often heard the yoga portion of it is perhaps the most underrated, overlooked and yet perhaps the toughest part of P90x.

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