Wine Review: Ledgewood Creek 2008 Syrah


I feel lucky to live where I do.  I am pretty much in the heart of wine country.  I live about 20 minutes from the wineries in Napa, and about 30 minutes from Lodi (which has way better reds than Napa unmatched any day of the week).  We have narrowed our wine club memberships to just 2 wineries.  One of them includes Ledgewood Creek.  This winery is about 5 minutes from our house.  Sometimes the hubs goes there after work and does some wine tasting and will pick up a bottle for fun.  (and he works about 1 minute away from our house…lucky him right?)

Wednesday after my crazy caffeine haze we decided to go to Ledgewood Creek and pick up our shipment as well as do some tasting.  At one point (after about 5 tastes) I told the lady pouring “I think we’re just going to run the gammet on the tastes”.  Hubs was excited, since he didn’t want to look greedy, but wanted to try every single red they would offer us.  And there’s this prestige that goes hand in hand with being a “member”.  You basically commit to buying 2-3 bottles every 3 months.  Which isn’t much since their bottles range in price from $9 -20.  Extremely reasonable considering the quality of the wine.

Wine of the night was the 2008 Syrah.  We love our Syrah’s they are so rich and of course pair well with something spicy like pasta with red sauce or a nice steak.  I can’t compare the wines in green valley to the wines in lodi simply because, like I stated before, there is no comparison.  The Lodi wines are so rich and enveloping and just perfect.  However the wines here in our backyard have a great flavor, and a nice finish.  This Syrah is full of berry flavors and is smooth and finishes really nicely.  We ended up eating pizza and it went perfectly with it.  I think it was about $12 for the bottle with our membership discount, but normally about $15.  If you’re anywhere in California heading somewhere on 80 and are passing by Fairfield, look up this winery.  It’s right off the freeway, and it’s very inviting.



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