Taking it easy?

This week I had planned on taking it easy, but after eating a slice that was entirely too big of ice cream cake, I decided on a long run this morning. Long being about an hour. Yesterday’s run felt phenomenal, I just felt like I was floating. It was probably because I was high on caffeine. I drank the coffee at 10:30 and literally was still bouncing off the walls at 1:30am. Not fun! I couldn’t get to sleep, I kept looking at the clock and 20 minutes had passed by! What, how did that happen? Why am I still awake??? Staying away from gallons of coffee in the mid day to avoid insomnia is a good thing.

So today’s run, supposed to only be like 2 miiles, then again I wasn’t supposed to run yesterday….oops! I ended up running 4.89 miles in about 54 minutes. I think I averaged about 11 min/mile. I did go up those 3 ginormous hills, and I left the house a little early and had to wait extra long at the stop lights.

I didn’t see one other runner out today, a few walkers, but idea #1 about making friends is kind of fading fast. (https://drinkrunyoga.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/new-friends/) What’s the worst someone is going to say to me? “Hell no crazy bitch I don’t want to be your ‘runnin’ buddy’!” Then I would just have to change my running route (to avoid this person who yelled at me) and run by the mall where there is MORE traffic, and I would have to wait at MORE stop lights. Hmmmm I think I will suck it up and ask someone at the Davis Stampede. I will keep my eye out for a girl with out a friend who is running just for herself and feels awesome about it. Then again it is just a 5k, and we are all there just to pretty much kill ourselves in a sprint…yes that’s the perfect way to lead myself into a conversation at the Davis Stampede. Good thinking Tiff!

Tomorrow I think I am going to a hot hatha yoga class.



4 thoughts on “Taking it easy?

  1. Kat says:

    My issue with running buddies is that I’m always afraid of being the slow buddy. Not that I want to be the fast buddy, I just don’t want to hold anyone else up while we’re out! Maybe plan on meeting a solo artist at the finish line of the stampede?

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Yes, being the slow buddy is not fun. I felt very lucky to have made the one friend in the past who’s athletic level matched up to my 11-12 min/mile. But the nice thing about being with someone faster (I’m hoping) is that they will be patient enough to help me along the way. Ya that’s a good idea, meet someone at the finish line and congratulate them and see if they want to train for the 1/2 mary coming up in March? I’ll try it and keep you posted!

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