Caffeine…friend or foe??

I weaned myself off of caffeine about 2 months ago.  I read somewhere that it doesn’t have that many health benefits and that being off caffeine could actually help some other issues I was having.  Today wasn’t my first cup of coffee in 2 months.  I think I have had 2 other very small cups on a Sunday morning while walking with my hubby.  Today was the first day I completely chugged 2 very VERY large cups o’ coffee!  The first one went down way too fast.  I was so happy and got an instant mood boost.  I was working so hard and efficiently.  I felt like I was the energizer bunny all hoppinig around and laughing at completely stupid things.  The laughing could also be partly due to the fact that I had worked until 10 the night before and had to be at work at 4 the next day.  That’s right peoples, I only had 6 hours between shifts, awesome times!  (I ended up getting to work at 6, but still I was up at 4:30 ack!)  I didn’t drink my first cup until 2 hours into my shift, I literally was dying.  I was so tired, I decided the night before that I was going to have a cup since I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep.

Since that first cup went so well, I decided that I would trot on over to the bagel shop grab a jalapeno bagel (toasted with cream cheese) and fill up that cup one more time.  I drank the coffee again like it was going out of style.  The entire cup, gone in about 3 minutes.  I was flying through the stock.  I was making all these deals with the employees “Ok guys, we are going to finish this pallet and the other pallet before you leave in 20 minutes” Some were like “uuuuh ok” and others were like “suuuuure we are”.  I didn’t care, I busted my ass and got all but 4 bags done in that amount of time which felt awesome.

After all that stock and about 5 hours of sleep, I came home and ran 2 miles with Vin.  Felt amazing.  Then went wine tasting and had some pizza for dinner.  Reviews to come



3 thoughts on “Caffeine…friend or foe??

  1. beccaamazing says:

    Reminds me of when I worked at Starbucks. I keep thinking I should cut down on coffee, but then I’m like, “Screw it. Might as well drink my coffee, wine and beer NOW before I’m pregnant and need to stop.” Lol 🙂

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