Yoga Tuesday…

Again with the restorative…but the instructor labeled it as a “free workshop”.  In the beginning of class I was making small talk by telling the instructor about my long run and how I was feeling pretty good.  She replied by telling me that today was all about “the beautiful quads”.  I was slightly worried about this since the last time we “worked” on something we barely sweat and we just kinda were there (just a lot of stagnant poses where you have to relax)  Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me to slow down.  However, I want my flow back!

We started by sitting in warrior pose for about 10 minutes with a block under our bums.  We did lots of quad stretches, but I didn’t feel like I was stretching anything.  It looked like “hurling stretches” after about 20 minutes of bending my knee and leaning back my knees were screaming to stop.  I just finished with some forward bends and was very disappointed.  I know day to day your yoga will change, but most of the time we do more vinyasas, and I felt like we were doing easy stuff.  I like to sweat more teach!  It was fine for what it was, but I hope next week is something with more flow.  I may change yoga studios if she does this too many weeks in a row.  The main reason I keep going back is because it’s so close to my house.  I could literally walk there if I wanted to, about a minute and a half drive.  Howevery I would rather drive 13 minutes to the hot yoga class in vacaville and sweat it out there.  The only problem is that I feel like the owner is slightly judgemental and not very inviting.  Other instructors are nice, but she seems to “check” everyone in and over look the class.  I may do that next week.  Or give them another chance. 



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