Brass and bra troubles

I figured I would take Brass on today’s run. I was thinking 2-3 super easy miles with the dog that actually listens to me most some of the time.


The run started off bad because within the first block we ran into 2 walkers with a lab and some other monstrosity. They were not amped, but Brass being the little might that he tries to be, was totally amped. He was barking and darting back and forth. I had him in a pink harness (really need to buy a different colored harness) and couldn’t get any control over him. I just bundled the leash around my wrist and ran as fast as I could past them.

The rest of the run wasn’t bad, it just seemed that Brass was totally alert the whole time. He was looking to start something with a dog next to a fence or another dog walker. We past a few more dogs (this morning was crawling with dogs) Brass and I just ended up running in the street the rest of the way.

Then my brilliant plan of putting my keys in my bra was back firing. I could feel them and the twins slipping. I pulled them up and tried to adjust. It just made it worse. So I pulled out my keys and just held them for the rest of the run. I only have 2 pairs of running pants with pockets,and I was wearing a sweatshirt with a pocket out front, but I’m too afraid they would fall out and I wouldn’t hear. So in the end, I think I’ll just hold onto my keys from now on.

2.2 miles in 21:21 around 11 min/mile…maybe 10:59?

I thought about doing yoga or p90x after, but I think I’m going to keep it easy and low key this week

And after running we cuddled on the couch.



3 thoughts on “Brass and bra troubles

  1. beccaamazing says:

    I used to put my keys in my bra until the fell out. (mainly due to my bra being old and stretched out) Here’s my solution: I have an iPod armband that has a little pocket in back where i put my keys and my credit card (for groceries and coffee on the way home). I don’t even feel them in there, and CAN’T fall out! 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Only problem is the pepper spray won’t fit in any little devices….Maybe I need some sort of clip for my running pants or something. Although having it in my hands so I am in that “defensive mode” at all times might be more efficient.

      • becca says:

        Hmmm…….well, the only other solution besides a sturdy pants clip I can think of is whats in the picture on my latest post. This particular “camelback” stays put while you run, and keeps you cool with the particular straps. There are pockets on the front straps for immediate need stuff, like pepper spray 🙂

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