Attack of the KILLER hills…

Today I had set out to do 7. I bargained with myself and said I would run a little on the easy side, but take the hills as hard as I could. There are about 5 hills on this 7 mile journey. Some are not as steep, but all end up taking me 1-3 songs to finish. So give or take 1/4-3/4 mile in length. Luckily the sun came out and I was able to see some pretty awesome views.

It was really cold out, about 35 degrees. The sun was out and the weather report said it would warm up pretty fast. Here’s a pic of me while running.

This particular hill was a doozy, I seriously almost started cursing as I looked down and saw how steep it was!

The pictures just don’t don’t justice. This hill took me at least 3 songs to complete. So steep and long! It was worse coming down and having to do it agin in the opposite direction (since its a down and back).

The full work out ended up being 8.24 miles. I ran it in 1hr 39min at a 12.01 min/mile pace. I actually ended up having a pain in my right foot. My middle 3 toes were having these stabbing pains, so I just slowed down quite a bit in the last 2 miles and finished a little slower than I wanted to. All in all I think I climbed about 20-30 rolling hills and 5 monster hills. The first 2 I hit hard, but was running out of steam for the last ones.

Ultimately I have decided to go for the 1/2 Mary in Davis on march 17. I have a few other schedule changes for the year, but I know I’ll get to run a race each month.

1 week until the Davis Stampede, and I am getting excited! Hubby not so much…just realized its on super bowl Sunday. Poor planning on my part, but luckily the race will be done before te game starts.


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