New friends…

I officially signed up for the 2012 Tough Mudder on September 28 the 10 am race. I just beamed when I pushed the final button. No turning back now. I immediately started looking up blogs and race recaps on the mudder. I wanted some first hand stories and experiences. It made me realize 2 things.

1. I need to cross train a lot! I have some upper body strength, but there is no way I can climb up a rope ladder. (p90x I see you in my future)

2. I need a buddy to run with who is as crazy as me.

The second realization made me really sad. Up until now my faithful running buddy has been by my running crazy side and up for any challenge. Now she has a back injury and it has set her on the couch resting most days.

First thing I did was look through my phone and text all my friends who I thought could be up to the challenge by September. Almost all of then said no, or I don’t know (nice way of saying no) I don’t want to talk someone into it. I want to speak passionately and have them be like. “Hells yes I want to run that with you, because I’m a badass and would totally be down”.

But alas, not one friend was down. (I am still waiting to hear back from my crazy cousin…) so I have a few ideas on how to remedy the situation. All of which mean making new friends, and hoping they are as crazy as me…

1. When another runner passes me on the road, stop and start running with them and explain how I need a running buddy…

“hello fellow runner chick who looks to be about my age (or slightly older) I too am a runner and live around this neighborhood. I was wondering if you would like a running buddy to pace with, bitch to, and just all around encourage?”

They of course would say

“I would love to be your running buddy! Here’s my info, let’s go for a run together real soon!”

That’s how it would happen in my head, but I am afraid I would come off as the creepy girl begging for friends.

Who cares? I will try it when I get the chance and keep you posted!

Idea #2 go to a drop in running class 1 town away on Saturday mornings. Only draw back…it starts at 6:30 AM! A few scheduling things would need to happen, but this would be a more inviting way to meet new people. Specifically young crazy runners who would like to do the tough mudder with me.

Idea #3 cross my fingers for my cousin to be down for the mudder! There is a good chance that she will be. She does this hard core plyo crazy work out. I forget what it’s called, and I haven’t talked to her in a few months. But she’s my blood and has to say yes, right?

Idea#4 Convince other acquaintances about the awesomeness and badassness of the mudder and get a team together (very slim chance)

I’m out of ideas…the running group is my best bet. But I am going to try idea #1 just for shits and giggles at least once or twice, just because! Haha

What are some ways you all have made work out buddies in the past??

Also does anyone live in the nor cal area and want to totally be down for the mudder? Seriously email me if you are!

Am I coming off as desperate? (not that I care, but that would kinda suck)


4 thoughts on “New friends…

  1. activered says:

    Ha, interested to see how idea #1 turns out for you. Maybe try the various facebook pages for specific tough mudder events and see if any one is looking to start a team? Could have some luck there.

  2. padawanrunner says:

    I was kind of intrigued when I saw the tough mudder. I don’t think I’ll be up for it this year (focusing on building up to the disneyland half marathon in September which is already a HUGE stretch for me/I just don’t think I’ll be in good enough all around shape by then) but if you end up wanting to do it again next year, I’m in 🙂 I live in SF.

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