Beer Review: West Coast IPA AND Lagunitas Maximus

The hubby asked for a recommendation while at “Straw” the other night and the waiter immediately said “Have you tried the ‘West Coast IPA’?” Hubby wasn’t even considering getting that beer. No catchy name, and since all beer was in bottles he decided to go for it. I tried a sip of it that night, and he said he would buy a 6 pack and really savor the deliciousness another night. It was really good for an IPA (is what I got from that sip) so I (of course) was totally down.

He bought the 4 pack on Thursday, but we waited until Friday to crack er’ open. I easily tossed both of my bottles back. It was really nutty and hoppy. There was a bite at the end, but not too bad. I really enjoy a super hoppy beer. Hoppier the better! This beer hit all the right notes. He got it at BevMo and when he asked the clerk what he thought. The clerk said “actually I have never sold a case of this and I have never tried it.” Hubby told him how delicious it was and not to let the label fool him.

The second beer we savored last night (yes I had 2 bottles of the WCIPA then had another of the Lagunitas Maximus) was Lagunitas Maximus. I know their brewery is not too far from us, about 40 minutes in Petaluma or Sonoma area. They have free tours and tasting. Definitely will have to make a day of it real soon. (The Budweiser factory is just down the street from us, and the tours aren’t too much to talk about but the fact that they give you about 2-4 beers, for free before and after the tour makes it top notch in my book). The Lagunitas Maximus was beer we had never tried, also an IPA (we love our IPA’s). It wasn’t as hoppy and didn’t have a bite, but it was so smooth! It was so easy to drink. Very nutty and flavorful. Another beer I would get again!




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