The Amazing Mr. Vin

His official paper name is “Autumn Russels High Voltage”. We love AC/DC, and Autumn Russels is the name of the kennel where we got Vin. He also goes by…




Mr. Vin

He is pretty well knows in these parts for having the most titles in weight pull in the UKC for his breed (patterdale terriers). It’s basically where a dog is hooked up to a cart and pulls 16 ft a certain amount of weight. His best is 2260, he weighed 18lbs at the time. There was a time where Vin would win every single pull for % of body weight to pound. Of course this was when he was in his prime and only 3. He just turned 6 January 4th. He has since retired from weight pull. He still loves to compete, but not at those high weights any more. He also loves to do terrier racing, he has titles in both steeple chase and flat races. He is a hard one to beat! He is big for the breed, average weight 19-21lbs for him. The breed should be around 15lbs. 3 pounds makes a huge difference. He is the first patterdale we ever got, and he will always be my baby. He has a white beard now, and I love him more and more each day.

Today was Vin’s turn to go for a run. I try to get one in for the 3 dogs who are willing to run each week. (Cyra only goes for walks on Sundays, she hates to run!) One dog usually gets 2. I for some reason completely forgot that Vin is a righty. He loves to run on my right side. I had him heeling on the left, with traffic on his left. This did not go well. Every time a bus, large truck, runner etc passed us he would dart across me. This made for an awful run. It continued for about a mile and switched him to the right. He immediately started smiling and running faster. It helped my mood too! I ran faster to try and keep up with him. We went back and forth for awhile. The only thing with Vin is that he is constantly on his own run. I mean he is only focused on where he wants to run, not where I am and where he should be. He should be about 2-3 ft from me on the right or left. He kept darting out in front of me and getting in the middle of where I was running. It was pretty damn annoying!

I ended up finishing aroun 3.58 miles and finished in 36 minutes. I felt great about this. Since it was under 11 min/mile on an “easy” run with Vinny.

Tomorrow I am shooting for the same distance at 5k pace. I am hoping to finish in under 30 min. We’ll see how it goes.


Vin in his prime weight pulling.

Terrier racing, vin is out front!

Custom sketch of Cyra on left, Vin on right.

Just a few of the best awards we have hanging on our wall.
Love that dog!


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