No dogs

Today was all about keeping up pace. Something under 10 min/mile. My thought was to run the same distance as yesterday in under 30 minutes. I ended up running a little under 3 miles at 9:52 pace = 27:16. I was so happy to see a 2 in front of the time. However really annoyed that I didn’t hit 3 miles. How did I get only 2.89?? What did I differently? So annoyed.

I worked hard, there were 2 hills. The hills kill me every time. I feel like I pump my arms as fast as I can and look like a crazy woman running down the street.

Those last few feet are the hardest. I am pumping my arms and thinking, “can I do this?” “I have never done this…” “I think I can, I think I can” then I just start counting and getting into the zone. I am slightly freaking out about finishing the upcoming 5k in under 30 minutes. I know it will be hard, and I will have to work that much harder. And you know what? It f#%^ing sucks. I am the ultimate laid back runner. Typical 12 min/mile. Pushing past this has really tested me. In the end I feel accomplished. I will get there, if not on the Davis Stampede it will happen sometime this year.

Eventually it will get easier, right?


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