Restaurant Review: Straw

Straw is a carnival themed restaurant in the mission district of San Francisco.


This place looked very dark and a little creepy from the outside. They were only using candles for lighting. So forgive the poor quality of the photos.

The main reason we wanted to eat here was for the donut burger or the “The Ringmaster”


But first Carlo had to start with a root beer float! He finished it in less than 2 seconds flat, so I’d say it was delicious.


The menus were super festive with old kids books as the cover. So cute!


We decided to start off with the sweet potato tator tots dipped in BBQ sauce.

They were delicious! Sweet and crunchy!
Hubby had the turkey leg, he didn’t like that it was a little tough…he thought it was from the fact that they cook it to order and fast.

I chose the “Monte Cristo” sandwich with waffles and fried chicken and a berry sauce. It was very crispy and delicious. Except for the fact that it was super fattening, I would totally get it again.

We ended up ordering the cotton candy and deep fried candy bars for dessert. Carlo and his friends loved it!

Last bit not least we had free champagne since it was their one year anniversary. They had a big toast and we all cheered for the owners. ( we of course had never met them, but had a great time drinking their free champagne) s

Cotton candy with champagne? It really can’t get any better than that. Do delicious! Everything was really really good! The atmosphere was laid back and fun. I will definitely be going back! If you’re in San Francisco, check this place out!



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