Yoga with a vengence!

Love my Tuesday yoga class (with the exception of last week…restorative yoga on a level II day?) Today we were back with a vengence.  I was able to do binds on both sides in a vera 2 kind of stance.  I was awesome.  I felt very flexible today.  I have always struggled with camel.  I was able to do camel today with my feet flat on the foor.  It just felt so cleansing.  After yoga I thought I would run something around 3-5.  I wanted to run easy and long. 

My legs just felt heavy right off the bat, and never got any better.  I decided to run just 2, and I think that’s all right for today.  I really hesitated about running at all, and feel good about getting in at least 2. 

The last mile I had a pebble in my shoe…not fun!

Tonight I am going to a carnival themed restaurant for Carlo’s 12th bday in San Francisco called “Straw”.  I’m looking forward to it.  I don’t know why, but the grilled cheese is screaming my name! 

Look for the review tomorrow



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