Crazy Klaire

I woke up to pouring rain. It had been running all night, my swimming pool was almost flooding. I pretty much decided I probably wasn’t going for a run. So I offered to take Carlo to school, and needed to run a few errands. I figured I could finish them, and then see how the weather is. Well as soon as I walked outside it stopped raining. I was immediately in a bad mood. I was thinking, “great I have to run Carlo to school and do a few errands on that side of town and I won’t be done for over an hour”. Then I got in my car, and yes it needed gas. How did I forget this? Ok add 10 minutes to my errands. I decided that I wasn’t going to run anyways today and that I shouldn’t rush as the roads were slick from the rain. I kept looking at the clouds thinking, are you going to rain?

Errands are done, heading home and looked at the hourly forecast. 80% chance of rain. Uggh. I could either chance it or just stay home. I decided to chance it, and Klaire was screaming to go with me. She knew I was going for a run and desperately wanted to go too! So I harnessed her up and got her going. I had to work a few minutes of obedience before we even left. It’s like she forgets all of her manners when she wants to go for a run. I start running and she’s pulling pretty hard. I stop her and get her heeling better. She is very tenacious. She wants to go 110% the entire time.

I forgot that it was downpouring when I let them out this morning and that she probably didn’t do all of her business. There is an overhang right outside the door and she didn’t leave it and it’s all pavement by the door. Great we are stopping every 5 minutes for her to pee. Not so bad, but then the puddles were absolutely ridiculous. I ended up walking through them. She also stopped to poo, (TMI?) at this point I am so angry at her, the situation, myself. It’s like I don’t want to stop running, and I forgot to bring a bag? GEEEZZZUUUSS!!!

By mile 3 she was done, and we were just heading into the second hill. I wanted to kill 5. She just kept slipping further and further behind me. It’s not fun dragging a 15 pound dog to catch up with you. I felt this whole run backfiring. “See Tiffany, this is Karma, you were in a bad mood and this is what you get…” I only ended up doing 4.5 miles and had to really get Klaire excited with the last mile and a half. “Come on Klaire, you got this” “Let’s go Klaire” “Let’s go Klaire”. All in a really high pitched voice to get her excited. It worked for about 5 minutes.

I finished in about 51 minutes average time 11:26 min/mile.

Lesson learned: only take Klaire on short fast runs, and take Mr Brassy or Vinny on the longer runs.

Here’s a few pics of Klaire…



And that’s what I had for breakfast, tjs pomegranate Greek yogurt, bananas, and bear naked granola in a fancy cherry dish


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