Hello Sun…

The sun made an appearance long enough for my stepson and I to take that hike I have been wanting to take all week. When I pulled up to Rockville Park, all of a sudden all the sun went away and the clouds got really dark. It wasn’t raining, so I figured I would risk it and just start hiking. And then if we needed to we would just run down the hill in the rain. I didn’t think about this until after, rain + hill + dirt = not a good plan for running. However it didn’t rain, it was just very overcast and windy the entire hike.

I ended up choosing “the devil’s backbone” trail to hike on. There are a lot of ups and downs and we (Carlo and I) have hiked this hill for years. It takes about an hour on a good day if we cut down the middle. So that’s exactly what we did. For the first part of the hill it’s pretty steep. Lots of sweat going on just from walking/hiking. I wore my trail shoes, but I still ended up slipping on some rocks a few times when I was taking too big of a step. Other than that no falls.

Carlo and I ended up talking about some of the upcoming races (he’s running in most of them too, just the kids version). He seemed excited, and like he didn’t want to do it all in the same breath. He’s a pre-teen, what do you expect? It was nice, to have some real nice bonding time with him, and he seems to have matured a bit since he wasn’t complaining and bitching the entire time. In fact I asked him how long he thought we had been hiking. He told me “no more than 30 minutes” I told him, “it has been well over an hour”. He was kinda stunned by that. He said “I don’t feel like I worked out” as his face was all flushed and he was taking off his sweatshirt.

We had his favorite for lunch, Chick-fil-A. He had the spicy chicken sandwich. I decided to try the chicken tortilla soup. I was hoping it would be good and a little spicy. This soup was so good. Very thick and filling. I got the large version which was about $5.79, a little pricey for fast food, but I figured that’s better than making myself something at home. (I was planning on just getting Carlo food, and making myself steamed chicken and green beans for lunch) It came with the perfect amount of tortilla chips, I had a crunch in every bite. Did I mention it was thick? Very thick. Chicken, corn, black beans, navy beans, and lots more chicken. I will definitely be getting this again.

Good times 🙂



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