Dodging Slugs

The cold has brought on the rain, hence the slugs. I was really hoping to get an early start. I had a back to back work out plan. I did my morning routine, and looked out the window and saw huge droplets. It wasn’t looking good. My plan was to run 5-6 and do a 30 minute yoga work out. I firgured if the rain would hold me back, then I could just switch the time on the yoga to an hour. Luckily I decided to wait about 20 minutes and check for rain. It had pretty much stopped. I rushed to get ready. I ended up wearing some running shoes with better traction that I normally use for hiking, and it seemed to do the trick on the wet ground. I also decided to not bring one of the dogs in case it started raining, I didn’t want to cut the run short. Plus most of my dogs don’t like to even pee on wet ground let alone run on it. (Except crazy Klaire)

I set out with my rain jacket, gloves and the thickest technical long sleeve tee I had. I set my running app, and my music. The music played the whole run. the app did not. It stopped somewhere around 2.43 miles. I was running around 8.43 min/mile (I suspect it was a downhill spot). So I cursed a little (ok a lot) and then just tracked my run on It came out to be about 6.53 miles in about an hour and 5-10 minutes. Whoops, a little longer than I had wanted to run. I wasn’t in any pain and there were 5, count them, 5 huge hills. These hills took longer than 1 song to climb. I have a very hilly route by my house. Great for cross training, not so great on leisurely runs. Oh well, I did them and feel really good

The last time I ran over 6 miles, I had a lot of hip pain around mile 4-5. It was the same route I ran today with the hills. I guess that fast training has really helped build up that endurance. I am kinda feeling awesome going into this week.

I also did a 25 minute yoga work out. I ended up changing everything, since I was soaked. I put the heater on, and pushed play. I had set up the living room for the yoga before I even left so I wouldn’t back out of it. I did a core work out and it really stretched me out and worked those awesome core muscles.

Training plan, although I have been winging it, this week I want to focus on longer runs and faster runs. Really push it, then next week (the week before the 5k) I want to start tapering and getting into 5k mode. Feeling really good about everything right now. We shall see how tomorrow goes. I am hoping that the sun makes an appearance long enough for my stepson and I to get a hike in, if not it’s all about the cross training and yoga in the living room


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