Feeling pumped

This morning I set out to run a simple 2 miler. I really like this loop I found around my house. It has a couple of hills and has wide sidewalks so I can take a dog and feel comfortable running fast. (I feel pretty guilty if I can’t bring one of the furbabies with me). Today was Brass’s day to run with me. He is very attentive to how fast I’m running, and heels very good about 98% of the time. The other 2% is when there is a barking dog at the fence we are passing.

I wanted to beat my time of 20:50. I was shooting for 19:59. I have the running app on my phone and it was too cold to hold it out while I was running to see if I needed to go faster. So I just pushed as hard as I could the entire time. I felt very worked. I kept thinking, “I know this is a faster pace”. “keep going, after the hill, then a curve, then you’re home free”.

Final time 19:09

Double check this

19:09. I took off my sunglasses and was thinking, damn girl you totally got this! One more check…

Yep 19:09

Wow so I guess it is possible that me, the slow runner in the pack, the girl who just casually runs and finishes races, and thinks she was “pushing it” really can do it and really can push it even harder than she thought. I really felt like a runner after this…and it’s just going to get better.

I was really wishing for a garmin after this run. I would like to just glance down and see where my pace is exactly and then go from there. I am thinking I need to do some serious research. I need something that is easy to use and doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles so I can just get the stats I want.

Tomorrow is the long run…maybe 6 or 7 to make up for the missed mile?


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